☀️Sun Emoji

Sun Emoji

Emoji Meaning

This Sun Emoji☀️is a cartoon-like picture that is extremely warm. This image is used to represent warm and hot weather. This emoji is also used in the context of summer as It’s Too Hot! 😓😵🔥🌡You can send this nature emoji with Full moon emoji to show heavenly bodies🌕.

Note: Sun was formed as Unicode 1.1  in 1993 under the name” Black Sun with Rays” and labeled in 2015 as Emoji 1.0. 

Also Known As

  • ☀️ Sun
  • ☀️ Sunshine

Apple Name

☀️ Sun

Unicode Name

☀️ Black Sun with Rays


  • ☀ U+2600
  • ️ U+FE0F


  • :sunny: (Github, Slack)
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