🩺 Stethoscope Emoji

Stethoscope Emoji

Emoji Meaning

Stethoscope Emoji🩺 It has two silvery grey tubes and a bell at the bottom, while the rest of the gadget is constructed of blackish rubber, such as earpieces, tubing, stem, and diaphragm. The stethoscope object represents medical equipment used to listen to the interior noises of a live human


Emoji 12.0 introduced the stethoscope to Unicode 12.0 in 2019.

Other Names

🩺 Chest Scope

🩺 Medic

🩺 Listening Device

🩺 Observing

🩺 Internal Sounds

🩺 Doctor’s Headphones

🩺 Mediate Auscultation


  • 🩺 U+1FA7A


  • :stethoscope: (Github, Slack)

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