🗓️ Spiral Calendar Emoji

Spiral Calendar Emoji

Emoji Meaning

The spiral calendar emoji is very similar in meaning and appearance to the calendar and tear-off calendar. It normally has a blue or red top banner and the rest of the sheet is a combination of grey and white. This object often represents a monthly calendar.

NOTE: This Spiral Calendar emoji was introduced in 2014 as part of Unicode 7.0 and added to Emoji 0.7.

Similar Emojis

There is a list of related emojis to spiral calendar 🗓️ includes, 📆 Tear-off Calendar, 📅 Calendar and 🗒️ Spiral Notepad.

Also Known As

🗓️ Pocket Calendar

🗓️ Spiral Day/Month Calendar

🗓️ Spiral Calendar Pad

🗓️ Marking Calendar

🗓️ Calendar Notepad

🗓️ Small Calendar


🗓️ U+1F5D3

🗓️ ️ U+FE0F




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