☠️ Skull And Crossbones Emoji

Skull And Crossbones Emoji

Emoji Meaning 

Skull and Crossbones emoji is basically a human-like skull in a gray-white cartoon character, with dark, huge eye sockets, having a crossed pair of bones. This skull emoji is associated with danger, death, gravestone sculptures, misery, and fear. It might be used to represent numerous pirate characters or mascots. It is the most popular smiley throughout the Halloween season. It’s important not to mix this up with Skull emoji, as the applications may overlap.

NOTE: In 1993 the Unicode 1.1 was approved for the Skull and Crossbones emoji and included this in Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

Also Known As

☠️ Death Emoji

☠️ Halloween Emoji

Apple Name

☠️ Skull and Crossbones 


☠️ U+2620



: skull_and_crossbones : (Github, Slack)

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