🫡 Saluting Face Emoji

Saluting Face Emoji

Saluting Face Emoji Meaning: 

This saluting face emoji depicts a face gesturing a salute emoji. It is generally used to describe the feeling of respect, pride, patriotism, and nationalism. People also use this saluting face emoji to show respect to any person who made an impact on the world.

You can also use this smiley with sun emoji to show that you are covering your face from the sun.

NOTE: Saluting smiley Face was endorsed under Unicode 14.0 in 2021 and in 2021 labeled as Emoji 14.0.

How to copy-paste the 🫡 Saluting Face emoji?

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saluting face emoji

Similar Emojis:

There are some emojis that are similar to 🫡 Saluting emojis are 👍 thumbs up, 👏 clapping hands, 👋 waving hand, 🖖 Vulcan salute, ✋ raised hand, 👮 police officer, 💂 guard, 🙋 person raising a hand, 🚓 police car, 🎖military medal, ☮ peace symbol, 🚩 triangular flag.

Also Known As

🫡 Face Gesturing a Salute

🫡 Hand Covering Face From the Sun

🫡 Sunny Day

🫡 Army Face

🫡 Respect

🫡 Political Face

🫡 Nationalism

🫡 Pride

🫡 Okay!

🫡 Yes! Face



iOS 15.4


Android 12L



Twemoji 14.0




🫡 U+1FAE1

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