Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

by Katie J. Ray

Sagittarius Horoscop

Sagittarius DatesNovember 22 – December 21 
Great CompatibilityAries, Gemini
Lucky Number3,7,9,12, 21

Sagittarius Traits

Sagittarius Strength Sagittarius WeaknessSagittarius LikesSagittarius Dislikes
Playful, Humorous, Big-hearted, IdealisticUnwilling to anxious, will say anything no matter how undiplomatic,  Promises more than can deliverBeing outdoors, Independent, Philosophy, TravelOff-the-wall theories, Being constrained, Clingy people, Details

Sagittarius Characteristics

Sagittarius is the final fire sign and traveler of the zodiac. They are idealistic, curious, and energetic, unlike any other signs sags are totally unique to their brazen spirits. Their philosophical point of view and being open-minded give them the motivation to wander around the world in search of the meaning of life. An experienced astrologer can say that there is no zodiac sign like Sagittarius. Sagittarius strength and weakness are described on the basis of their constellation (For constellation check Wikipedia). They are always optimistic, full of enthusiasm, and ready for changes due to their mutable quality.

Sagittarius Personality 

What makes Sagittarius symbol makes it unique? It is the dynamic blend of passion, intensity, expansive, extrovert, and optimistic. What’s the sign for Sagittarius? Its archer. These all qualities are due to their archer, a half-man, and a half-horse centaur. The individuals having Sagittarius signs are often preoccupied with mental work, but when they find the desired environment, they show their ability to transform thoughts and visions into concrete actions and circumstances.

What type of sign is Sagittarius?

They has mutable quality, which is associated with flexibility and adaptability. Their archer’s sign reflects the deep-rooted desire for change. They are born to explore and their quest for knowledge knows no bounds. Which makes them incredible creatives, entertainers, and storytellers. However a December zodiac is unfavorably famous for its signature bluntness and their “brutal honesty” can cause communication breakdowns,  misunderstandings, and lots of hurt feelings. You can say that they are honest to the point of absurdity without caring about the emotions of the next person. Sagittarians are cool that they don’t take anything too seriously so it’s hard for them to stay mad at these wild optimists. That’s why it is important for them to learn how to express their opinions in a lenient and socially acceptable way.

Sagittarius is ruled by the largest planet in the solar system which is Jupiter. Jupiter’s motto is all about ‘go big or go Home’ and everything it touches expands.  These people possess an intense curiosity and a great sense of humor. There is no place for the word enough this sign demands to have it all. These archers have so much passion and interest so it’s impossible for them to stay passionate about a single fascination. That’s why they are continuously bouncing from one idea to the next.

What is special about Sagittarius?

  • They are known for their larger-than-life spirits.
  • Sags are engrossing characters who are capable of lightening up any room with their dynamic charm, contagious laughter, and intoxicating tales.
  • They are effortlessly magnetic and possess innate humor that’s why they can easily attract friends and lovers.
  • Sagittarius has an attitude with “no bullshit” so they can infuse their all conversation with this signature attitude and are known as comedians of zodiacs. Actually, Sagittarius is interested in everything, and this spirit is fueled by their passion for exploring knowledge. 

What are Sagittarius Weaknesses? 

  • However, Sagittarius knows a lot but they don’t know everything. 
  • Of course, they must call back to keep their sharp tongues in control otherwise they can come off as arrogant or pompous.
  • Sagittarius power becomes their weakness, sags have no filter (like it does not actually exist) they are uncommonly intelligent, funny, and dynamic that’s why they end up being harsh even with their family and closest friends on a bad day. 
  • It’s very hard for this sign to entrust or commit because of their demanding wanderlust. For these fiery signs, consistency is a challenge although it doesn’t come from an ill-intentioned place. 
  • Other zodiac signs take Sagittarius as not trustworthy and flakey. To lighten up this sight Sagittarius should keep in check promises, don’t do over-promises, unavoidably lead to failure of an expectation or promise. 
  • Sags archers should be extremely transparent about their existing responsibilities so that others can take care of expectations accordingly.

What is the most misunderstood thing about Sagittarius?

Sagittarius is well known as the most misunderstood healer. It is a sign of healing and teaching. Always be ready to shelter others in their bad times or try to accommodate friends. In another way, you can say that they have enough warmth to heal others. This is the benefactor of this fire sign which is rarely fully accepted by common people. Behind their smiles pain is hidden. Sagittarians are always ready to devote everything they have to other people only to live their lives free from pain. There is always something wandering around them that is missing from their life to make it complete even amazing star is blessed by many incredible things. 

Who should Sagittarius avoid?

  • Sagittarius being unique can get along with any zodiac sign so long as the other person gives them the space to wander. They just need to avoid their freedom and philosophical thoughts.
  • They are fueled by freedom, not all signs are able to tolerate Sagittarian’s thrill-seeking spirit. So they should be careful about freedom.
  • Sagittarius’ unpredictable nature may make earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) a bit uneasy.
  • Emotional stars like Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio can take Sagittarius’s blunt commentary too personally, resulting in a lot of sadness and unhappiness.
  • Despite the fact Sagittarius can work with any zodiac sign, it must be extra careful with lovers and friends who could be more understanding.

Sagittarius Love and Sex 

  • People born with the sun in Sagittarius are flirtatious, entertaining and they will love to make relationships lighthearted and fun. They demand partners who are equally open-minded to suit their passionate, desirous, outspoken, and expressive nature. 
  • Having mutable quality always in the mood to try out something brand-new and dramatic. Sagittarians face hard situations to recognize the difference between friendship and love as well as sexual relationships and love. The compatibility of this fire sign relies upon the diversity which their partners are willing to have in their relationship.
  • They are representatives and want their partners intellectual, appealing all of their senses, having a mild or kind nature, while at the same time stable and clear-cut about their choices and opinions.
  • This optimistic star is named as the star of disappointment and belief, having the ability to respect almost anyone, concurred to make love stories happy. Always expect the best from people that come into their life and gets hurt.
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