🗞️ Rolled-Up Newspaper Emoji

Rolled-Up Newspaper Emoji

Emoji Meaning

This rolled-up newspaper emoji shows a white or grey newspaper held together with a rubber band. This object is generally used as a newspaper rolled up and bounded, as ready for delivery to a house.

NOTE: This rolled newspaper is a properly-qualified emoji of Unicode 7.0 announced in 2014 and labeled Emoji 0.7.

Similar Emojis

There is a list of emojis, similar to 🗞️ Rolled-up Newspaperemoji including newspaper 📰,  receipt emoji 🧾, Open book emoji 📖, red book emoji 📕, orange book emoji 📙, notebook emoji 📓, and blue book emoji 📘.

Also Known As

🗞️ Rolled Newspaper

🗞️ Newspaper

🗞️ Bundle of Newspapers

🗞️ Newspaper Delivery

🗞️ Early Morning Hours

🗞️ Fresh Newspaper

Apple Name

🗞️ Rolled-Up Newspaper


 🗞️ U+1f5de

🗞️  U+fe0f


: newspaper2 :

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