Renfe – The Pioneer of Spanish Train Services

by heatfeed

Trains are a convenient method of transportation. They are usually cheaper than other commutes and expand into long trails, covering several destinations. There is a luxury available for everyone, and people can decide how much they want to spend. From the daily commute to a traveler’s most reliable partner, Trains are an essential part of our lives.

Renfe is a state-owned company in Spain, and it operates on the network of Spanish Railway Infrastructure Administration. Today, it offers commuters, freight, and passenger trains. Renfe Rodalies has grown to be a dominating railway platform. It has accumulated commendable trust and reliability with impeccable services. With time, the company has evolved to offer mobile, website, and application services to the patrons. 

A Vast Travel Network

If you seek to travel from Madrid to Barcelona by train, Renfe will be the first thought in mind. They have managed to establish a strong dominion over the travel network. Not only the trains, but Renfe has partnered with several hotels to offer you exclusive discounts and services. Their regular commuters make it easy for people to travel for work purposes. Not only local but also operates international trains. Thus, you can purchase a ticket to travel across the country and enter other regions. 

What distinguishes Renfe Rodalies from other providers is its diligence in providing the best services. It operates the best of Spanish trains and offers loyalty programs for regular customers. But before diverging into that, let’s talk about it as a digital platform. 

Website Platform

Huelga Renfe Rodalies has a very striking website with the use of bright color and purple mix. It offers a very simplistic approach, and the logo reflects that the company is looking to be simple. However, the homepage has received the right amount of work to be visually attractive to visitors. It has creative portals and buttons, and you can make immediate bookings right from the home page.

To Buy:

You will first see this option that asks you about your origin-destination and where you wish to travel. It is a ‘complete’ system that asks you travel date and time. You can decide how many tickets you want and how many children will be there. It has two separate options for children under 4 and those aging up to 13. You can use your Rodalies Renfe points or card. If there is a promotional code, you can apply, and you will have tickets ready.

Information Hub:

On the website, you will find everything there is to know about Renfe Cercanias. Whether you want to learn about Spanish trains from Madrid to Barcelona or discounts, it is all there. The database has information on the loyalty program, privacy policies, terms & conditions, among other essential information. Furthermore, they have information that can assist travelers. You can even learn about all the different types of Spanish trains they have or the locations they cover. Find out the Huelga Renfe Horarios schedule of a train, or how to travel to a particular location easily by using Rodalies Renfe. In short, they have not missed a single detail about the company that would be relevant to the users. 

Convenient Design:

The website was designed to respond fast to users. Therefore, it does not have extensive use of graphics or unwanted elements. It is a very minimalist design that can fix compatibly on any screen. Hence, you can use it on any device and browse it without any reduction in speed. Straightforward, the website covers all the sectors and categorizes them separately. It is easy to browse and find anything you need. 

Online Convenience:

Huelga Renfe works on offering a high level of convenience to users. You can easily cancel a ticket and get the refunds in any way you deem fit. Alternatively, you can change your ticket for destination and such. As long as you didn’t bring your ticket, these options are available. If any discount pops up after booking, you can take advantage of that scheme as well. More importantly, you learn about the Renfe Horarios/schedules and timing. Real-time tracking is a convenient feature they offer.

To achieve a higher level of exposure and reach customers in every device, it also worked on providing an app. 

Renfe Cercanias

Cercanias Renfe is an official app designed to work compatibly on any operating system, iOS, or Android. It is available on the play store of both of these platforms. You can also download it from the official website and operate it. Primarily, it will offer you information on several prominent destinations such as Barcelona, Madrid, and Malaga.

Here is the list of features you gain access to, on the app:

  • Tickets: You can book a single or round trip ticket easily with the help of the app. It also offers you all the convenient options identical to the website.
  • Vending Machine Compatibility: All of Renfe vending machines are compatible with the app. All you have to do is either scan the QR code or input the locator information to print a ticket. 
  • Cancellation: You can cancel any ticket without any additional or hidden costs. However, it is only possible as long as you didn’t get a printout.
  • Information Hub: You gain access to all the routes of different Horarios Renfer Spanish trains. The lines and planes are clear, as well. You will learn about all the destinations and keep a real-time track of your train to see where it has reached.
  • Favorites: A favorite option allows you to save a route you prefer. It offers ease of booking a ticket or learning about the schedules of the train for that particular location. You get a notification and the latest information regarding your favorite.
  • Notice: More importantly, the app will also inform you about any warnings, incidents, or notice. If there was an accident, maintenance underway, or anything else, you are assured of receiving the information.
  • Promotions & Offers: App offers you the best discounts and promotions, especially if you are a registered member. 

Apart from the website and app, there are other mobile services available for the patrons. These are accessible if you don’t want to operate on a website or app. It also works for those who don’t have active internet service.

Mobile Services

The mobile services start with the ability to operate with Alexa. Yes, you can make reservations and book easily by using Amazon’s Alexa. It works to offer you all the information in an audio media format. This allows you to have a hands-free approach to Horarios Renfe’s services.

You can easily make payments by using mobile banking or receive refunds in a similar method. Additionally, it means that you can book and receive tickets on the phone that you can get print out. This allows people to save time from getting in the queue. You can also align your travel card with the phone and use it.

A travel card is Renfe’s exclusive loyalty program designed for frequent travelers or patrons who use Renfe Spanish Trains and such. More on that below. You also have access to a planner that will help you in organizing your trips. It will provide you all the information that you might require to plan a perfect trip.

If there is any problem, you can also access customer support on your phone immediately. An executive will attend you. Renfe is known for maintaining high-profile customer service. Therefore, you receive only the best support. 


It is a loyalty program initiative that has three different membership programs for users. 
You can opt for one of the following cars:

  • Standard
  • Silver 
  • Gold
  • Premium

Standard will mostly provide you with loyalty points and a little discount. Silver is from where the discounts actually start to get better, and you receive better options. By gold, you receive different luxuries like better hotel bookings, free or discounted tickets, and other leisures. Premium certainly enhances all the features and also offers you up to three class changes. In other words, you can enjoy a different traveling class of a train without additional cost.

Each card also has a priority level. Premium customers receive the most priority while Standards do have the leisure of not standing in queues and such. Additionally, if there are reserved or exclusive trains, the holder of the cards may be able to access them, depending on the requirement. 

American Express

Additionally, Cercanias Renfe has also partnered with American Express. It offers you several bonuses and perks that are similar to other cards. However, there is an option to subscribe to any of the +Renfe subscriptions. If you use an American Express card to subscribe to any of the membership, you gain extra perks. For example, a 15% discount on all the bookings. You can gain free membership of the cards depending on the purchase you make year around. 

Play Renfe

Many exclusive Spanish trains of Cercanias Renfe comes with a Play platform. It enables you to have free Wi-Fi connectivity of high speed. Therefore, offering you uninterruptible services at a speed of 300 miles per hour. There is no charge for using the Wi-Fi. However, it is a possibility that depending on your ticket and class status, and you might have a restriction based on time. At standard, everyone is allotted at least 30 minutes of access to PLay Renfe.

Offers you the following services:

  • Internet: As it is a Wi-Fi service, you can use it like any other internet service. Therefore, you can access websites, check E-mail, and do other necessary work. However, streaming websites such as YouTube and other similar entertainment platforms are most likely restricted. The reason is that Renfe offers a unique entertainment collection with Play Renfe. It imposes standard Wi-Fi limits that you will witness anywhere else.
  • Streaming: You gain access to live TV that you can watch while traveling. Additionally, if there are premiers taking place anywhere (Except movie Theatres), you will have access to them. These are mostly Spanish series and movies. You also have access to documentaries and music streaming services. Overall, they take good care of your entertainment requirement.
  • Intellectual: You can also use Play Renfe to browse books and magazines that suit your taste. If you do not prefer entertainment, but self-learning, or reading, this is a good way to keep yourself busy. Renfe works deliberately to provide an extensive library full of enticing books and magazines.
  • Games: With Renfe Play, you also have access to games. These video games are pre-loaded and easy to access. If not, then the Wi-Fi service will be robust and immediately load these games for you to play.

You can easily access Play Renfe by downloading the official app that is available across various platforms and also on the website. All you need to do is add your details, mostly the tickets, to validate Ave Renfe. This showcases that Renfe takes premium measures to offer unparalleled comfort and traveling leisures to its patrons.

Useful Information

Renfe also offers you a database of useful information that is in relation to the company, its services, and Spanish trains. These are the following information that they have available:

Luggage, Pets, Service for Disabled, Club Rooms

  • Luggage: You can carry around 25Kgs in total in hand, with the size of a maximum 290cm considering height, width, and length of an object. Bicycles or musical instruments are allowed as long as they can fit the size and weight limit, even if it means disassembly. Those that fail to fall into this category fall under special luggage. Therefore, there will be additional charges according to the type of luggage you are carrying.
  • Pets: You are allowed to carry one pet per traveler. However, there are some guidelines, such as the pet should not exceed the weight of 10 Kgs or 60 x 35 x 35 cm. You are responsible for your pet, and if others object to the pet, then you will not be allowed to travel with the pet. Pets tickets may have an additional cost of around 25% of your ticket’s cost for traveling.
  • Service For Disabled: If there are disabled individuals, or physically challenged, a staff member will be appointed to them. As long as they follow standard quota, there wouldn’t be any extra charges. However, if there are other special requirements, there may be charges as they may have to provide more qualified personnel.
  • Club Rooms: For the convenience of the travelers, there are club rooms available. The stations have them integrated for the comfort of the passengers. You can rest, read, or associate with others. They are well-maintained with qualitative services. Cardholders have extra perks they can claim.

Parking, Weather, Misc, Lost and Found

  • Parking: You will gain information about parking regarding all the stations. It will show you the limit, cost, and everything else. You may even receive special perks as Renfe’s traveler in certain spots.
  • Weather: You will get information about the weather forecasts.
  • Misc: Anything else such as information about different modes of transportation, including bicycles and also various train modules is also available.
  • Lost and Found: They also run a lost and found service for people. 

Assuredly, if you are a cardholder, there are perks in each one of these services and more. It works very best to bring you an exceptional traveling service on the train. 

Social Media Presence

Renfe is available on all the prominent social media platforms. You can follow on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Additionally, they also provide blogs that can be informative to users. 

Career Prospects

They are offering training programs for different departments, such as customer service, technical, and management. You can opt for their certified courses that open a doorway to new possibilities and makes it easier for you to work with. Its training courses can also help you pursue other railway lines similarly. 

Cookies & Security

Renfe ave uses cookies, but that is to improve the individual experience of the users. It uses third party advertisements, but that does not cause any hindrance to the users. Additionally, you may choose to disable these to have uninterruptible access. 

It is a state-owned and operated platform. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about as far as security goes. Your details regarding accounts, payment methods, and such are completely safe. 

Overall Summary

If you are in Spain and seek to have the most comfortable travel leisures, Renfe ave is a way to go. They operate flawlessly across various prominent countries and also offer a comfortable option for anyone to travel and explore Spain. Additionally, you can travel to other countries around Spain with Renfe.

A membership card certainly prioritizes you and offers you a wide range of perks. Consequently, it saves a significant amount of money in a long. Overall, this is working since the 1940s as one of the remarkable railway services across Spain.