🧧Red Envelope Emoji

Red Envelope Emoji

Emoji  Meaning:

Red Envelope Emoji🧧 This is an extremely new emoticon, so in all likelihood, it won’t be shown on most devices. A red envelope object, as talented with cash on Chinese New Year or on other glad events, like weddings, in Chinese and some other Asian societies all throughout the planet.


Red Envelope Emoji was added to the Activities classification in 2018 as a component of the Unicode 11.0 norm

Also Known As

  • 🧧 Ang Pao
  • 🧧 Hóngbāo
  • 🧧 Lai See
  • 🧧 Red Packet


  • 🧧 U+1F9E7


  • :red_envelope: (Github, Slack)

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