Raindrops 3.1

by Tashia J. Hansen
relaxing music

We need to suppress our negative emotions and ignore negative thoughts, just focus on natural processes including sunshine, rainbows, rain, rain sounds, and butterflies of life. The view does not only fail to address the complex tangle that is the human psyche, it just confirms only a little bit of your psyche and makes you feel worse. So, what can you do? If you would just know how to find peace in a difficult state of mind and emotions, the rain method might be for your relaxation and comfort state. The album ESCASA Relaxing Music has generated its first music track Raindrops 3.1 which is composed by “9roz”. Rain is the mindfulness process that emphasis maintaining awareness of your surroundings, feelings, emotions, and thoughts. Raindrops symbolize the hope and happiness that gives new ways in difficult situations.

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Specification of Raindrops 3.1

“Raindrops 3.1” track categorize as piano music, rain music, and uses white music in the background. The slow rhythmic delta waves of this relaxing music provide you with the relaxation of both body and mind.

Raindrop in eight steps

“Raindrop” is infarct an acronym, the four letters:

R: Recognize

A: Accept

I: Investigate

N: Not-identify

D: Damp

R: Re-built

O: Organize

P: Planning

This framework gives you an easy way to generate mindfulness.

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1. Recognize:

First of all, recognize your emotions and take a step back to observe your thoughts and emotions. This step can provide some relief in the form of knowing exactly “what’s going on in your own mind”.

2. Accept:

“A” could give other senses also like to allow, acknowledge but the main idea after recognizing the emotions is to accept the current state of emotions without attempting to change it. This act may be unpleasant for you but remember to be kind to yourself first.

3. Investigate:

You should need to psychoanalysis yourself and ask open-ended questions to yourself like Have I felt this way before? What is the reason for the unpleasant situation? Why do I feel hurt always? What do I need to do? This should help you to identify the inner elements of the emotions and main negative feelings.

4. Not-Identification:

It means that you consider yourself as a whole person and the difficult emotion is just tiny. Analyze the negative part and scroll your past.

5. Damp:

Damped means raindrops and rain sounds just give you the feeling of soaking your all negative feelings. The splash of raindrops provides you calm and peaceful mental state.

6. Re-build:

This step gives you a sense of consciousness. Meditation is the best way to recognize your inner soul and re-build mindfulness. 

7. Organize:

Music is the best tool that generates relaxation and can easily organize your negative emotions into positive ones.

8. Planning:

If you observe your surrounding, each natural process gives you a plan how to organize yourself, your inner peace and daily routine. 

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