🪠Plunger Emoji

by Emilia

Emoji Meaning: 

Plunger Emoji🪠 this plunger has a wooden stick on one end and a large, round red suction cup on the other. Different platforms would have different colors for the suction end of this device. An example of plumbing is represented by the object Plunger Literally, it means to unclog a clogged sink, pipe, or bathroom, and metaphorically, it means to unclog or tidy one’s physical space and mind.


Unicode 13.0 is released in 2020, Plunger will be part of it.

Plunger Emoji

Other Names

🪠 Plumbing Device

🪠 Unplugging

🪠 Unclogging

🪠 Unblocking

🪠 Free Up

🪠 Decluttering

🪠 Plunging


  • 🪠 U+1FAA0


  • :plunger:
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