Pixel Car Racer MOD Apk 2023

by Tashia J. Hansen

Pixel Car Racer is a modern arcade racing game in which players race against fake opponents through deserts, prairies, and many more tracks.

Taking retro-style pixel graphics of old and pairing them with modern gameplay mechanics, what you get is a unique racing game ideal for passing the time.

Studio Furukawa called it a sandbox RPG experience because besides just racing there are so many things to do in the game. 

Race to the top of leaderboards and level up your drivers, and cars, and build the most amazing garage that every player would envy with gold coins. The levels start simple enough, but over time, you’ll be placed up against more challenging opponents who throw crazy surprises at you.

Master the ways of Pixel Car Racer hacks to get your hands on higher-level rewards. The themes differ from one form of racing to another and tasks are added as you complete them.

Pixel Car Racer Mod APK is the perfect way to get unlimited numbers of coins, cars, and fuel so that you can play this game for a very long time without having to spend money. It’s an authentic arcade racing game with a sandbox RPG so load up your car with as many mods as you want.

The amount of freedom it gives you in classic cross-country type events is amazing – but what’s perhaps even better is that you don’t have to spend any money on rare parts or vehicles like another car hacking or glitch app!

pixel car racer mod apk 2022
NamePixel Car Racer
UpdatedMar 6, 2022,
Compatible withAndroid 4.0.3+
Last Version1.2.3
Size75.30 Mb
MODUnlimited Money, Supercars
DeveloperStudio Furukawa

Time needed: 1 minute

How to install the hacked Pixel Car Racer MOD APK 2022 for Android?
This app is easy to install. Use these steps to get it on your Android device:

  1. Download the Game:

    Firstly, download the game from the link given on our website heatfeed.com. After downloading the game, open it.

  2. Install It:

    Now, click on the installation icon and install the game on your Android device. And read all the given instructions that are given inside.

  3. Enjoy hacked Pixel Car Racer:

    Once the game is completely installed, start playing and enjoy the amazing features of the racing game.

How To Install The hacked Pixel Car Racer Mod Apk App On a PC?

This app is easy to install on Personal Computer. You can either use NOX player or blue stacks to run this application on your PC. Below are the steps to download it on a PC.

1. Download Bluestacks or NOX player

Download and install the NOX player or Bluestacks on your PC. These are the Android emulator that is used to run any mobile app on a personal computer.

2. Download The Application

Now go to our website and download the pixel car racer MOD APK hack app with the given link.

3. Click ‘Import From Windows

After the app is downloaded, you need to execute the file or tap on the “import from Windows” option for installation.

4. Tap on Launch Icon

It’s time to tap on the launch button and enjoy the unlimited racing features.

Best Features of Pixel Car Racer MOD Apk 2022

Below are the all exciting and incredible features that are offered by Pixel Car Racer 2022 mod APK hacks.

1. Huge collection of Cars

What’s great about the Pixel Car Racer hacks is that you don’t have to wait too long before unlocking more of the over 100 cars in the game. This game offers a huge collection of cars. And, you can choose from this considerable selection of cars, each one made with pixelated graphics. This game takes it to the next level when it comes to authenticity!

2. Unlimited Mod Money

Unlimited money is one of the excellent features of pixel car racer MOD Apk 2022 unlimited money. With the help of this feature, you can purchase your favorite cars from the game store without spending any money on in-app purchases.

3. Unlimited Diamonds

You can participate in various events to get diamonds or purchase them with real money. Diamonds are used to change the name of the character and to get additional car slots that help you to purchase more cars.

4. Different Automobile Parts

Pixel Car Racer unlimited crates have unique cars for players to update and customize in any way possible including their engine, suspension, body, and more.

Every car part that you can use is uniquely customizable. This means that every single user can experience the same game from their point of view using the car parts they want to use. 

Within each of the four categories (Engine, Rear Wheels, Front Wheels, & Suspension), different options allow players to drastically change how their cars perform on the track. This customization makes for a unique experience for each player.

5. Playability

Another advantage of this game is that it makes things very easy. Depending on the steering wheel frame available on the screen, you can easily select your speed, turn right, turn left, accelerate or brake most naturally without having to imagine it.

The second big thing is the components of Pixel Car Racer money glitch 2022. From the smallest to the largest, you can collect numerous items along the way without having to win. 

6. Ad-Free Interface

This game plays a lot of advertisements before the race starts. It reduces the focus of the player on the gameplay. So, if you want to remove these advertisements then you have to spend a little money to purchase the No Ads feature. This feature is already given in the Pixel Car Racer Mod Apk 2022 unlimited money.

7. Many Different Racing Modes

You can choose from three races: Drag, Story, and Street. Each type of racing leaves a memorable mark on the player’s heart. Choose the race you would like to play then get ready before your opponents.

The time for each game is limited and it’s only a matter of time before you have to make a decision that may not be right when acting too late.

8. Join The Online Community

One of the most exciting features of Pixel Car Racer hacks is the online gameplay. Whether you’re a casual player who enjoys collecting pixels and racing others or a pro gamer who wants to win pixel trophies on your tablet, it’s easy to have fun here.

You may have fun interacting with other automobile lovers from all over the world in its exciting online community right here.

9. Free to play

You can get this amazing game from the play store on your mobile device without paying any money. Just go to the play store, search for the game, download it, and then enjoy its amazing features.

Why The Mod Version Is Not Available On The Google Play Store?

There are millions of games & apps available in the Google play store. And to be there the apps need to follow some set of rules as directed by Google. In the case of Pixel Car Racer MOD APK 2022, this game does not follow these rules because some versions are premium or modded which is against the rules provided by Google Play Store. This is why this app isn’t available on the google play store.

What does the new version of Pixel Car Racer have?

  • Add many new models.
  • Fixed rankings errors.
  • Fix the issue with Cloud Saving.
  • Fix the error of being logged out every time the game is restarted and the error of logging in through Facebook.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Downloading The Pixel Car Racer Apk File?


  • You can enjoy this game without spending any kind of money.
  • This file is 100% safe and secure. Users don’t have to be worried about their devices.
  • It has incredible pixel graphics.
  • This game is developed for all age types.


  • It can hang your mobile because of the large file size.


As an arcade racing game, Pixel Car Racer is all about racing and winning the match, offering cartoon-like graphics and upgrades for the player’s vehicle. It comes with a broad variety of game modes to enjoy too.

The sound effects in this game are pretty neat and it surely does not lack in diversity from other racing games on the market.

The competition’s grand prize winner will receive the first-place trophy and some experience points. As you continue to participate, it will become increasingly more challenging to claim either first or second place, so you’ll need to periodically check the garage’s inventory in hopes of finding new cars or ways to improve upon existing ones.

The machine comes with an engine, nitrous boost, tires, and other various upgrades, so there are lots of tuning options available. We hope that you find this article helpful and informative. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which one is the fastest car in the pixel car racier?

With over 100 dashes available, it’s not hard to see the specs for the whole. But even then, the most powerful car is always changing based on various versions and models of a similar design. Also, Dynovoz Stats is a remarkable vehicle that has been converted into a sedan or wagon with plenty of room for you and up to three friends.

2. Can we play this game online?

Yes, you can play this game online. Super Pixel Racers is an arcade game with a classic 16-bit soundtrack and top-down 2D pixel visuals. In this game, your goal is to race through 200 other competitors to make it to the finish line as quickly as possible. Hit the “road” competitors from all around the world in online play for up to eight people.

3. How can I get unlimited money from Pixel car racer mods?

If you want to get unlimited money on this game, then you have to download the moded version of it. After installation, your account will be filled with unlimited money without doing anything.

4. Is the pixel car racer cheats game free to play?

Yes, this game is completely free of cost. You can download it from our website heatfeed.com. Install it and then, you are free to enjoy the amazing features of this game.

5. How can I make the fastest car in the game?

There are a lot of customization options available in the game to make the fastest car. You can use these unlocked options and easily make the fastest car for yourself according to your need and desire.

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