🧫 Petri Dish Emoji

by Emilia

Emoji Meaning: 

Petri Dish emoji 🧫 side profile of circular shallow dish showing pinkish liquid with few blue dispersion specks of color or chemical It signifies the biological branch of research, represented by emoji Petri Dish. It means cultivating object microorganisms through culture, incubating, and incubating. As a result, this emoji might represent a conducive atmosphere.


Unicode 11.0 approved Petri Dish in 2018, and Emoji 11.0 accepted Petri Dish in 2018.

Petri Dish Emoji

Other Names

🧫 Culture Broth

🧫 Culture Dish

🧫 Culturing

🧫 Culture Medium

🧫 Biology Lab Equipment

🧫 In Vitro

🧫 Culture Medium

🧫 Culture Fluid




:petri_dish (Github, Slack)

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