🧑‍🦽Person in Manual Wheelchair Emoji

Person in Manual Wheelchair Emoji

Emoji Meaning

The Person in Manual Wheelchair Emoji 🧑‍🦽 on digital devices is represented as a single emoji on many digital devices. It is also a sequence of ZWJ that stands for Zero Width Joiner and it is a combination of a 👨Person and a 🦽 manual wheelchair that represents a person who can’t walk on his own, is using a wheelchair. The emoji is represent disbale people different social networking platforms.

Note: The Person in Manual Wheelchair Emoji was made a part of Unicode 12.1 in the year 2019.

Similar Emojis 

A list of similar emojis for Person in Manual Wheelchair Emoji are ♿ Wheelchair Symbol, 🦼 Motorized Wheelchair, 🧖 Person in Steamy Room, 🦻 Ear with Hearing Aid, 👨 Man, 🕴️ Person in Suit Levitating, 🤵 Person in Tuxedo, 👨‍🦽 Man in Manual Wheelchair, 🦽 Manual Wheelchair, 👩‍🦽 Woman in Manual Wheelchair, 🙌 Raising Hands, 🧘 Person in Lotus Position.

Apple Name 

🧑‍🦽 Person in Manual Wheelchair


🧑 U+1F9D1


🦽 U+1F9BD


:person_in_manual_wheelchair: (Github, Slack)

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