🛌 Person in Bed Emoji

Person in Bed Emoji

Person in Bed Emoji Meanings

Person in Bed emoji represents an undefined gender sleeping in bed. It may be a hotel, hostel, house, hospital, and any other sleeping accommodation.  This object is used for many other purposes like bed furniture, relaxing mood, bed activities, and many more. On different social media platforms, this emoji blanket is shown in a different way like somewhere you will see bed color is changed and somewhere the cover on the person sleeping in bed varies in color.

NOTE: Emoji 1.0 added this emoji in 2015 and Unicode 7.0 included this feature in 2014 under the name “Sleeping Accommodation”.

Similar Emojis

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Apple Name 

🛌 Person Sleeping

Unicode Name 

🛌 Sleeping Accommodation


🛌 U+1F6CC


: sleeping_bed : (Github)

: sleeping_accommodation : (Slack)

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