🤸 Person Cartwheeling Emoji

Person Cartwheeling

Cartwheel Emoji Meaning:

The Person Cartwheeling emoji is a gender-neutral emoji that represents a person doing a cartwheel which is a form of gymnastics. This gymnastic activity represents the non-gender cartwheel emoji and jumps emoji. You may also get woman cartwheeling 🤸‍♀️ and man cartwheeling 🤸‍♂️ emojis from here.

NOTE: This Cartwheel emoji was approved under the name of ‘Person Doing Cartwheel’ in 2016 as a part of Unicode 9.0 and was included in Emoji 3.0 in the year 2016.

Also Known As:

  • 🤸 Gymnast
  • 🤸 Gymnastics


  • 🤸 U+1F938


  • 🤸 :cartwheeling: (Github)
  • 🤸 :person_doing_cartwheel: (Slack)
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