✏️ Pencil Emoji

Pencil Emoji

Pencil Emoji Meaning:

This pencil emoji shows a yellow wooden pencil with a pink eraser at the end. This object is used in different situations which are related to writing like making sketches, drawing pictures, or making notes.

Pencil emoji is usually used to show that you are writing something or taking notes on something very important. The pencil emoji also shows that you are a literary person who loves to read and write.

NOTE: The writing emoji is a greatly-qualified emoji of Unicode 1.1 launched in 1993 and labeled Emoji 0.6.

pencil emoji

How to copy and paste the pencil emoji?

The pencil emoji is a useful emoji. It is being used by various users. Many sites have pencil emoji copy and paste facilities. Heatfeed has almost 10000 emojis copy and pastes feature for different emojis. In order to eraser emoji copy and paste, consider the following steps.

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  2. Search your emoji on the website using the navigation bar.
  3. Copy the emoji by using the option ‘Click to copy’ on the webpage.
  4. Paste it on your social media like Reddit or youtube.com

Similar Emojis:

There are some similar emojis to ✏️ Pencil emoji including ✍️ Writing Hand, 🖉 Lower Left Pencil, ✎ Lower Right Pencil, ✐ Upper Right Pencil, 🖍️ Crayon, 🖋️ Fountain Pen, 🖊️ Pen, and ✒️ Black Nib.

Also Known As

✏️ Pencil With Eraser

✏️ Scribble

✏️ Sketching Pencil

✏️ Writing


✏️ U+270f 

✏️ U+fe0f



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