The ‘Pawri Horai Hai’ Girl Dananeer Has Gone All over the internet, And The Remakes Of Her Video Are You Funny

by Nouroze Khan
Pawri Horai Hai' Girl Dananeer Has Gone All over the internet

It’s Pawri Ho Rahi Hai. This is it. That’s the line which the internet has been fascinated with before Dananeer Mobeen set to release her viral video over the weekend. Aside from creating hashtags and Pawri Ho Rahi Hai’s editions, people on social media are also keen to learn more about Dananeer Mobeen. She has taken the top position on the trends and customers apart from her viral line.


Dananeer Mobeen is a Pakistan-based social media personality. She went crazy popular on social media after uploading her video of Pawri Ho Rahi Hai on Instagram. Relying upon Islamabad, Dananeer Mobeen, 19, creates videos on various topics and needs to share pictures from her fashion shoots and social networking travel getaways. In her Instagram account, Dananeer says, “Call me Geena, first but learn to pronounce my real name!. Dananeer, even so, is much more active on Instagram than that on Twitter. Late, but anyway, she’s been re-tweeting Pawri jokes and re-creating videos by fans.


Pawri is Dananeer Mobeen’s party phonetic spelling. The video was a crazy popular meme with thousands of views. Speaking to BBC Urdu, Dananeer Mobeen said she was delighted to respond to her video.

Viral meme:

Just recent times, the Web was again hit by a storm when Instagram’s celebrity, Dananeer, uploaded a funny short video. In her clip, she’s talking about how she and her buddies are partying. Clear-cut enough, isn’t it? Nevertheless, her pawri video clip did not take time to become a viral favorite, and people promptly started to recreate the same thing in many various ways.

Shortly enough, the re-creations of the initial ‘Pawri Horai Hai’ video flooded the Web! I mean, is this a dull moment on our desi feeds? The recreations were sure to break us up for being Pretty funny and relatable! People went forward with and were innovative with the recreations! There are also issues where there was a pawri…

Reactions By People About ‘Pawri Ho Rahi Hai’

Reactions by Pakistani celebrities:

Pakistani celebs were not far behind because of their footage of the pawri video anymore. Saba Qamar and Yasir Hussain, who came up with their amusing recreations, truthfully cracked me up.

Saba Qamar is an actress. Qamar has created a career in the Urdu tv industry and has received several awards, including four Lux Style Awards, a Hum Award, and a Filmfare Medal. The government honored her with the country’s top civil honors, and Pride of Performance in 2016, to contribute to the art world.

Yasir Hussain is the scriptwriter, dramatist, and host of Islamabad, best known for his humorous roles. He hosted shows on Hum TV. He is also famous for portraying the villain in the Baandi drama of 2018.

Falak Shabbir’s playback of the pawri clip with Sarah Khan was also super cute!

I mean, how cute it is!

Falak Shabir is a singer and songwriter of Pakistan. After generating his debut song, “Rog,” Shabir came to the limelight. Falak is commonly known as the “King of Soul Style” as well as “Mr. Unplugged.

Waliya Najib was not too far behind either her ridiculously gorgeous clip showing Agha Ali and Hina Altaf… Shoaib Malik was also showcased in Komal Rizvi’s pawri video.

Yashraj Mukhate:

Even so, the one true King, Yashrai Mukhate, provided his view of the “pawri” clip and strengthened his throne for being super innovative and Pretty funny.

Famous for his incredible “Tuada Kutta Tommy” and “Rasoday Mein Kaun Tha” songs, Yashraj Mukhate’s performance of “Pawri” has been, without a doubt, the craziest thing ever. Yashraj continued his career in science and also showed interest in music. He also used spoof videos to exploit his music production on social media. In August 2020, he updated an edited video contributing rap song to Rupal Patel’s discussion, who assumes the character of Kokila in the TV soap opera Saath Nibhaana Saathiya. A fast-paced video is featuring more than 3 million Instagram views and memes relevant to the rap song.

The reaction of Dananeer on hilarious memes :

Moreover, this seems sure that Dananeer enjoys the recreations that people put online!. We were having a good time playing music when I suddenly took out my phone to make the video.

The rest of it is history. I am so pleased that my light-hearted clip is also being enjoyed around the border, particularly at a time when there has been a lot of friction and polarization in the world,” said Dananeer Mobeen to BBC Urdu. Several brand names, such as Netflix, Zomato, and Swiggy, have also contributed to the Pawri Ho Rahi Hai craze and uploaded memes and videos on the internet.

Not only did she generate the #Pawrihoraihai hashtag for people to post their recreations on, and she also said she was delighted that people enjoyed it! What do you take on this? Let’s all know about napkin pawri Horai hai you down as time in the comments below.