📟 Pager Emoji

Pager Emoji

Emoji Meaning: 

Pager Emoji📟rectangular device with a green screen in the top half of the gadget, bounded by a bottom of grey and black, three keys below; one plain black, the other two with red and green dots. The Pager object symbolizes the original today’s telephone version. However, in the current circumstances, this emoji may only represent emergency pager systems used by professional groups like healthcare, the fire service, etc.


In 2010 Pager was approved under Unicode 6.0 and added Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

Other Names

📟 Beeper

📟 Bleeper

📟 Intercom

📟 Two-Way Pager

📟 One-Way Pager

📟 Walky-Talky


  • 📟 U+1F4DF


  • :pager: (Github, Slack)
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