Onion Emoji 🧅

Onion Emoji

Emoji Meaning

Onion emoji is the picture of full onion 🧅  display in skin color. This emoji is basically to add flavors to boost the taste of food. When you cut onions they can make eyes teary so it is also used to show tears. You can send this emoji with Crying face emoji😢.

People also use this emoji to ask someone that onion is the part of the dish or not.? When you are cutting onions they can make your 👀 eyes teary, so due to this sometimes it can be used to indicate tears.  You can send this emoji on Facebook with cooking emoji to remind someone not to forget to add the onions to the dish.

Note: Onion was formed as a part of Unicode 12.0 in 2019  and labeled Emoji 12.0 in 2019.


How to copy and paste Onion emoji?

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Similar Emojis

A list of related emojis to 🧅 is consist of 🧄garlic, 🥺pleading face, 🥧pie, 🍕pizza or 🧀cheese wedge.

Why do people use emojis?

People use emoticons because of a few reasons. These reasons are listed below:

1. They make you more famous on social media

2. We react to them like we would a real human face

3. They are OK even in business settings!

4. They soften the impact of a critique

Apple Name

🧅 Onion


🧅 U+1F9C5


:onion: (Github, Slack)

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