🧓 Older Person Emoji

by Emilia

Emoji Meaning

An older adult unspecified gender can be used as a gender-inclusive alternative to the older woman or older woman emoji in people emoji


In 2017 older person was accepted as part of Unicode 10.0 and in 2017 under the name “Older Adult”.

Older Person

Similar emojis

🧓🏻 Older Person: Light Skin Tone, 🧓🏼 Older person: Medium-Light Skin Tone, 🧓🏽 Older Person: Medium Skin Tone,

🧓🏾 Older Person: Medium-Dark Skin Tone, 🧓🏿 Older Person: Dark Skin Tone, 👴🏻 Old Man: Light Skin Tone, 👴 Old Man, 👵🏿 Old Woman: Dark Skin Tone, 👵🏽 Old Woman: Medium Skin Tone, 👵 Old Woman

Also Known As

🧓 Gender Neutral Older Adult 

Apple Name

Older Adult 

Unicode Name

🧓 Older Adult


🧓 U+1F9D3


:older_adult: (Github, Slack)

old personolder person