OkDiario: One Stop Destination For Daily News

by heatfeed

OkDiario is a Spanish digital newspaper, which is aligned to the liberalism ideology. It was founded in the year 2015, by Eduardo Inda, a well-renowned journalist. In 2017, Comscore released data claiming Ok Diario’s visitors to be at around 32 million. Ever since then, the website has grown massively and has garnered a lot of attention. Currently, OkDiario is one of the most visited digital media platforms. 

OkDiario is popular amongst the Spaniards. However, a massive chunk of its visitors is from countries like Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia. With the three of these combining for around 8% of the viewership of Ok Diario. Currently, OkDiario operates from its headquarters in Alcobendas, Madrid. 

The Inception Of Ok Diario 

Eduardo Inda was a high-profile journalist at El Mundo, one of Spain’s most popular and trusted news agencies. However, in 2015 Inda left his Deputy Editor position and set out to start a newspaper of his own. He spent around €50,000, as capital for OkDiario. This was the money he received as compensation when leaving El Mundo.

Later on, the Okdiario’s publication house received a fund of €300,000 from ENISA, a state public entity. This was a surprise move as Ok Diario was under substantial debt during that time. However, after this investment by ENISA, OkDiario started making a name for themselves as one of the most reputed newspapers in the country. 

What Makes OkDiario Madridista A Trustworthy Newspaper? 

OkDiario is the brain-child of arguably one of Spain’s best reporters. Considered to be one of the most precise newspapers, OkDiario is very particular about the information it provides. This has built them a solid reputation as a no-nonsense digital newspaper. In just a few years of its inception, Ok Diario is considered one of Spain’s best digital papers and is in league with publications like El Mundo. 

Recently OkDiario Madridista has become the destination for Spain’s elite journalists, reporters, and news presenters. These established journalists bring in a vast information network, which improves the quality, timing, and reliability of the content. Also, the big-name journalists bring in a huge fan base of people who prefer reading their articles because of their previous works. All these factors have resulted in the rapid rise of Ok Diario.

OkDiario Real Madrid has built a reputation for releasing information before most other websites. The regular notifications on the site mean that the users get live updates on everything happening around them. And all this is made possible by the trustworthy sources available to the website. 

Is Ultimas Noticias OkDiario Specific To A Particular Genre?

Ok Diario provides the latest news articles from around the world and gives a particular preference to Spain. Ranging from sports to economics, OkDiario Real Madrid delivers the latest news on almost all of the genres possible. Every different genre has a separate editor, to make the content stand out. Following is a list of the different genres of news available on OkDiario Madridista. 


This is the column that offers the latest news from around the country. There are subdivisions based on the area you are interested in. Madrid, Catalonia, Basque Country, Andalusia, and Valencian communities are the major regions in the country that are covered explicitly by Ok Diario. However, happenings in the other areas and cities are also revealed on the website.  


The economy is one of the most critical columns, and most of the youngsters regularly visit the website to gather updates on the site. Business, markets, investments, jobs, entrepreneurs, and tourism are all covered in this column. Spain is a vast tourism industry credited to the football culture, millions of tourists arrive in the country, while several residents travel within the country. This makes Spain one of the biggest economies in Europe.  

OkDiario Deportes/Sports:

Football, Lawn Tennis, and motorsports are probably the three most essential Deportes/sports industries in the country. Out of these three, Football is the most popular sport amongst the countrymen. Two of the world’s biggest football clubs Barcelona and Real Madrid are located in the country.

Millions of people visit Spain to watch these teams and play live, while billions of people travel within the country during league matches. Motorsports is also widely regarded in Spain, with several MotoGP and F1 racers and teams belonging to the country. 


Spain often experiences corruption and criminal cases, most of which require investigation to look for the culprits. From high-profile murders to corruption charges, the investigation column provides the latest updates on all of these.


As a trend going around the world with most newspapers and news channels, OkDiario Real Madrid has a separate column on its website, where the views of the higher officials in Ok Diario are displayed. Ranging from Vettel leaving Ferrari to the happenings is Espanyol, OkDiario uploads daily articles and video in this column, where Eduardo Inda and other officials express their opinions on recent activities in and around the country. 


A fancy name for all the Page 13 stuff. All are available in this column from the lifestyle of celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi to reviews recently launched movies. This, too, is updated almost daily, and there is something new on offer, given the star potential in Spain. 


The latest updates from all the Spanish reality TV shows and Web Series are available. Interviews of movie stars and other celebs are also available in this column. 


This includes the small happenings in the community, which do not affect the masses, but are useful for looking to stay up-to-date with the happenings around them. 


As the tagline of Ultimas Noticias OkDiario says, ‘A website For Hipsters,’ the user-interface is developed to maintain this reputation. News channels and websites have a reputation for being old school, and tend to focus on providing information, and leaving the UI to be quite dull. Ok Diario, however, has spent some valuable time in making the website a treat to visit, by building a webpage capable of appealing to the youngsters as well as the older people.  

The website stands out, with the number of ambiguous colors used. The categories are divided carefully to allow the users to jump straight to what they are looking for without having to browse for long. This drastically reduces the time a user spends searching for a particular article. Also, the information presented appeals a lot more than your usual websites. OkDiario Deportes tends to attach videos, images, and links related to every item, so if you need any additional information, it is available by the click of a link. 

The website is targeted around improving your user experience and providing all the latest news around the world. It encourages the user to continue reading the articles available on the website. 

Competitors Of OkDiario El Confidencial 

OkDiario is a relatively new arrival to the Spanish Media, with several age-old media houses taking the credit for the bulk of the original reports. However, Ok Diario is aggressively going up against all these companies and making a name solely by providing better services. Here is a look at the newspapers and media houses that compete with OkDiario El Confidencial. 

  • El Mundo: One of Spain’s most reputed newspapers. It has been in service for a very long time and has a very extensive fan-base. However, ElMundo has often been blamed for manipulating the information. OkDiario, on the other hand, uploads videos, shares screenshots, and other related attachments to ensure the authenticity of the content.
  • ABC: ABC is another news website, which is highly recommended by the viewers. The average viewership of ABC is much higher than that of OkDiario, but the UI of Ok Diario is much more appealing to the youth.
  • Elespanol: Elespanol is another newspaper that is famous for reporting significant events before any other media house. Elespanol has fallen out of favor with the Spanish residents, who prefer reading papers like Ok Diario because they are considered to be a more trustworthy source than established papers like Elespanol.

Many other platforms compete directly with OkDiario El Confidencial, such as lavanguardia.com, 20minutos.com, and larazon.es. Most of these have been operational for decades. Ok Diario is new to this industry, and it will surely take some time and effort to reach the levels of its competitors. They do tick most of the boxes and have soon gained a broad reader base, but there is a long way ahead to be a threat to the bigger media houses. 

How To Maneuver Around On The Website? 

As you already know that the user-interface of OkDiario is unique and encourages the users to read more. However, to help you out in moving around the website without any confusion, take a look at the following. 

How To Look For A Category On The Website

The recent updates from around the world are available on the homepage once you have opened the website. If you fancy reading the latest happenings around, this is where you can spend your time. However, if you have something specific, like suppose you wish to get the newest news from motorsports. For this, you can click on the Sports tab at the top menu. From the sports screen, click on the motorsports category. Now you can simply watch the latest articles and videos from the motorsports world. 

Similarly, if you wish to read about social life, click on the Look option at the home page. This takes you to a page that offers the latest content from the celebrity world.  

Opinion Column

However, the highlight of the website has to be the Opinion column. It is available at the top of the screen on the home page. In this menu, editors of the site present their opinions on the recent happenings. People who like to get a better understanding of a particular event can read the editor’s viewpoint about the same. 


OkDiario is on a one-track road to success in the digital newspaper world. Its rise has been steep and is growing exponentially. The UI is much better than its competitors and appeals to a large group of youngsters who wish to get the latest updates on the go. Ok Diario has not yet reached its peak but has with the way it is growing; it is almost certain that OkDiario is a website to watch out for during the coming years.