🌑 New Moon Emoji

New Moon Emoji

New Moon Emoji Meaning:

 New Moon Emoji🌑is the image of the new moon that shows when it is completely hidden in the shadow. This nature cartoon-like emoji is used to represent Night a completely dark night and a depressed moon as well. 

Note: New-moon was formed in 2010 as a Unicode 6.0 under the name “New Moon Symbol” and labeled in 2015 as Emoji 1.0. 

new moon emoji

Also Known As

  • 🌑 Dark Moon
  • 🌑 Shadow Moon
  • 🌑 Solar Eclipse

Apple Name

🌑 New Moon

Unicode Name

🌑 New Moon Symbol


  • 🌑 U+1F311


  • :new_moon: (Github, Slack)
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