MoviesCounter – Love to Watch and Download Free Movies Online

by heatfeed

Do you know that an average Indian’s lifestyle is greatly influenced by the movies? Be it the lingo, the songs, or the actor’s attire, the majority of us love to watch and download movies online, imitate as much and make them a part of our lives. In recent times, there is a slight change in movie making as compared to earlier days.

People have become experimental with their work, as many of the movies are made based on real-life stories, incidents, and people. This is large because the taste and preferences of the audience are evolving every day. At the same time, the producers of the industry are cashing in on by making movies on diversified subjects. 

Due to such a maturing entertainment industry, watching movies in the theatre or watching web series by subscribing to online content has increasingly risen. While it is a norm that we pay for the movies we wish to watch, and it is righteous for the owners/producers to charge money for the same, people have increasingly started looking for freebies.

Many free sites are floating on the internet, having unlawful possession of unlimited content of movies and shows. This article will focus on a site called Moviescounter, why it is popular, and whether people are doing the right thing by using it. 

What Is Special About Moviescounter?

Just by hearing the name, you have figured out the content of this particular site. Yes, Moviescounter has all the popular Indian movies in different Indian languages ranging from Hindi, Punjabi to Tamil, and Telugu movies. The movies are also dubbed in other languages so that more audiences get to enjoy them. This is a reason why regional language movies and shows are gaining enormous popularity among folks outside a particular region.

English language movies produced in the USA are also available here. Indian shows, which are also popular and trending, are easily found in this site.  Another special feature is that they have a segment where popular WWE (wrestling videos) episodes are uploaded, keeping in mind its popularity among the boys’ population. The users also prefer this site for its videos being of high quality and are updated in a timely manner. 

Now, the dark side of these sites is that the HD quality content is purely pirated, and nothing is original in the site. This site is famous for leaking all the pre-released movies, aggrieving the producers as they have to bear losses due to this. However, this does not stop the netizens from abstaining from using these sites. 

What Does The Site Contain?

Moviescounter contains a wide range of genres of movies and shows that are trending among the public. Name the genre, and Moviescounter has it,  starting from commercial genres like romance, comedy to serious ones like history and documentary

Should You Access This Site?

Sites like Moviescounter give an easy way to movie lovers not to pay money and watch them for free. However, as discussed earlier, you may use free stuff only with the permission of the owner/producer, especially when the product is for commercial purposes. In these cases, no prior permission is taken from the producer before even uploading the content. It is a highly unethical activity, and both the uploader and the downloaders are indulging in this immoral act. 

They are unethical and the rights of the producers being violated, such activities have been tagged as illegal acts. Hence, the content in the site is termed as illegal content. As they contain leaked and unauthorized videos are infringing on the producers’ rights. It is to be affirmed and reiterated that you might enjoy a freebie as long as the producer/owner permits you to do and not beyond that.

However, it is to be noted that a lot of users use these sites unintentionally. And unknowingly and do not know about the legal and ethical aspects of it. Keeping that in mind; the government is reminding us of the illegality of the sites and advising us to not use them any further. To take legal actions, we have anti-piracy and copyright protection laws for preventing these acts and penalizing the offenders. 

While the above aspects are very important, the safety factor can‘t be ignored at all. These sites are a great threat to your system as just by entering it; and your device will be infected with viruses. Yes, a reputed antivirus may be of some help in these situations, but still, nothing can be guaranteed. The overall performance of your laptop or mobile will worsen upon using these sites. 


Taking into consideration all the aspects, the advice will be to not use these sites like Moviescounter and similar ones.  Rather, spend a nominal amount for one of the paid services, which will offer you the same content. This way, your device can also enjoy more lifespan. Protected from any damage, and you can save yourself from making a hole in your pocket.