MovieRulz; Take Command Over The Choice Of Movies You Watch For Free

by heatfeed

Watching movies is one of the favorite pastimes for a major chunk of our population. And why not, when we have one of the largest movie industries in the world. Indian movie industries should not just restrict to the Hindi film industry, but it should include all the regional film industries too.

These regional film industries have a huge contribution to making good content movies and entertaining its audiences. The best part is, regional language movies are also dubbed in Hindi or English so that it can reach out to a larger audience.

However, for an average movie lover; it is still a tough task to find all their favorite movies on the internet. Many of these platforms charge monthly fees, and younger people, like students, can not afford to pay for them. Thus, they are deprived of watching and downloading these movies.

This is when they resort to alternative measures, where they access free platforms where unlimited numbers of movies are available for free download. One such platform is Movierulz, which is widely accessed by millions of users for movies. In this article, we are going to talk about Movie Rulz, its content, features, and the legal and ethical aspects of it.

Why Movierulz Is Popular Among The Masses:

Movierulz is a website that has been fulfilling the needs of movie lovers by giving them free access to Indian movies. Indian movies include Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hollywood, and other regional language movies. The developers of the website have designed it in such a manner that the moment you enter the site, it becomes irresistible to not access it.

The fact that you can download a good quality movie for free attracts most of the users to surf the site.  Movie Rules is considered to be a temple of movies by many users because of its huge and elaborate content.  

What Does It Contain: 

Movierulz has a massive collection of various Indian language movies, both in the original version as well as the dubbed version. Due to the availability of the dubbed version, regional language movies are gaining popularity even among the nonspeakers.

There is no limitation to the genres, as it practically covers movies ranging from action, drama, comedy to history, mystery, and thriller genres to everything else that is available in the media world. 

The website mainly focuses on the new generation movies, and a lot of very old movies (b/w generation movies) or retro movies may or may not be available here. The reason is that these sites are mainly accessed by the younger crowd whose primary preferences will be the new age movies.

Apart from Indian movies, there are also Hollywood/English movies available here. Hence, this website is like a melting pot of all types of movies. The website is also regularly updated, which means all the new movies are also easily found here.  

How About The Legality And Safety Of Downloading From Movie Rulz?

It might seem alluring to a movie lover to browse the platform to download them. However, downloading them brings along a lot of complications and questions. First, downloading a movie from Movierulz is not easy and can be tricky as there is no direct download option. Moreover, these sites are not always the safest platform for downloading. As the freely accessible movies are actually the pirated version of the movie.

Therefore, these pirated versions may full of viruses; and your system can be easily infected with the virus if you do not have proper anti-virus facilities. However, even with an anti-virus, it can not be guaranteed that these movies are absolutely safe to download. 

Legality Aspect

Now, coming to the legality aspect of the website; it is not legal to download these pirated content from the internet. There are anti-piracy laws in our country which protect the original producers from copyright violation and piracy. Downloading this content from the internet will be violating the copyright laws of the country.

A lot of movies that are leaked before its release are also found on these websites. However, very old movies, which do not have copyright protection any longer. And are legally and freely accessible to the public, may be considered for exemption.

Ethically also, downloading movies these sites seem questionable and controversial. Even though there may be some who may argue in favor of downloading movies. It is not ethical to download a free movie. The reason is that by doing this act. You are depriving the original owner of the movie of earning their rightful profit. 


Taking into consideration the above risks and complications involved, you may decide whether to download or not. While it is understandable that these sites are very attractive to a regular movie lover. As they serve as a source of entertainment, but one has to consider the other aspects too.

It is advisable to not download any leaked movie or copyright-protected movie and go for other alternatives. There are a number of paid websites that give you access to movies by paying a very nominal amount as a subscription fee.