Movie recommendations and best movies to watch

by Katie J. Ray

Everybody who is addicted and loves to watch super movies, serials, and dramas is always updated with new dramas and the best must-watch movies. The most difficult job can make finding a list of certain historical movies to watch with family. Which have now become trendy in the whole world. Good movie from movie hell to watch with different and amazing content always make space in viewers’ hearts. Movie streaming is winning a lot of spotlight from the audience. some well-known foreign film industry has best drama movies, series, and TV shows which are well known in Spain, Latin, Italy, etc due to diversified content, nature of the plot, the atmosphere, the best Netflix movie recommendations also given here in high quality of shooting, and modern film production. Turkish have a multicultural taste to produce unforgettable most-watched movies. Their actors are very brilliant because they all look real and beautiful in every role. 

30 best movies to watch  

  • Issiz Adam (Alone) 
best movie

Alone is one of the award-winning movie recommendations that was written in 2008 and published by Cargan Irmak. The Ada character is the female character of the movie. The basic theme of the film is based on falling in love with a girl and ultimate breakups. In this best movie, publishers give the basic concepts of how you behave in a relationship and how to manage the difficulties that you face in a loyal relationship.

The boy’s name is Alper.  They both lived their own lives and were busy in their daily routine. Alper is a good cook in a general restaurant and Ada is an amazing designer and designs the customer for children. She is a good-hearted and humble girl. After their first meetup, Alper follows Ada for a long time. But Ada didn’t want any serious relationship with him, that’s why Ada threw coffee on him. 

When Ada feels she didn’t do well then she decides to apologize and goes to Alper’s house and says sorry to him. Alper asks Ada for dinner at his home. She feels shy at first but after some time she agrees and the dinner ends with sleeping together. So it was the first step of a good relationship between them. But after that, everything is going wrong. Alper wants freedom and can’t bear the expectations of a relationship but Ada falls in deep love with him. When Alper says all these things to Ada, she slaps on his face and returns home with a heavy heart. 

This movie describes the concept of seclusion consequences based on the good story between Alper and Ada. 

  • Love likes coincidences (Ask Tesadufleri Sever)

Love like coincidences is a love story movie from the movie recommendations in which two people met each other many times by coincidences but they didn’t know each other. This film was published by Omer Faruk Saruk in 2020. When spectators viewed this best movie then this movie became trendy and number one in the film box. 

The main story of this amazing movie is just like that one morning in September in Ankara, a husband was driving with his wife and they were going to the hospital for the birth of a baby. But they both met with an accident and were hit by another car where another father was present. The woman gives birth prematurely to two babies in the same hospital. This accident connects the fates of Ozgur and Deniz who live their lives from childhood to teenage in Ankara. They met with each other many times by coincidence. Sometimes they met in the same ways. 

 Deniz reached a big exhibition where Ozgur was present. And Deniz recognized her childhood photo. On the next day, Deniz met with Ozgur and asked him about this photo. Ozgur tells her about the shop of the father in Ankara. Deniz goes to Ozgar’s house to get the original photo. They go to dinner and spend a good time with each other. This movie tells the audience about the romantic coincidences of Deniz and Ozgur. 

  • Bal (Honey)
recommended movie

Honey is an emotional movie that is based on the father and child. This movie was selected from best movie recommendations published by Semih Kaplanoglu. It was the last movie of Kaplanoglu. The relationship between father and child is discussed in this movie. That’s why people like the story of the best movie. 

In this movie, the story is about a six-year-old boy whose name is Yousaf. His father is his best friend. He shares everything with his father. His father supports his family with the help of honey. Yousaf’s father collects honey from tall trees in forests. Yousaf is a quiet boy who understands everything at a small age. Yousaf was going with his father to the forests because he wanted to help his father in collecting honey. Yousaf’s father disappears into the forest. Yousaf tried his best to search for his father but he didn’t succeed. 

This move became too popular in film production and was awarded a Golden bear award that is the main winning of this film. Spectators love the story of the movie and the acting quality of the actors in the best movie.

  • Husband factor (Kocan Kadar Konus) 
comedy type

Husband factor is a comedian-type best movie that is directed by Kivanc Baruono and published in 2015. A husband factor movie is a movie recommendation that has funny material that’s why it is very popular in the award-winning movie recommendations. The husband factor best movie gains attention from the audience and gets too many likes and shares and it is important for any movie promotion. The husband factor movie is based on the concept of how a girl survives in society to find a loyal love partner. 

The story of this movie is the story of a girl whose name is Efsun. Efsun wants real love and attention rather than a husband. Efsun wants a good relationship and searches for a loyal love partner. She is the black sheep of her peers and she is the only girl in her family who is planning for marriage and wants a good partner in her life. She is a very simple girl not like other girls because she didn’t know how to show attitude in a relationship and how to manipulate a boy. 

She met with her school friend and he thought that he is the man who gives more love and attention as compared to other boys. This best movie gives the concept of love by the romantic story of Efsun. 

  • Romantic comedy ( 5 SUBAT SINEMALARDA) 
best movie

Romantic comedy is the best movie that was published in 2010 and directed by Ketcher.  Romantic comedy movies are based on love and life. This movie, the story of three friends and their boyfriends.

The three friends whose names are Esra,  Didem, and Zeynep. These three friends are too close to each other. They enjoy their lives with full joy and fun. Zeynep decided to get married to her boyfriend. Didem and Esra enjoy lot in Zeynap’s marriage and are too happy for Zeynep. When Zeynep marries her boyfriend then Esra decides to leave the job and start her new life.

 Esra remains busy with her work and suddenly she meets with a company director whose name is Mert. Mert is a good boy and always gives respect to Esra. Esra becomes interested in Mert and falls in deep love with Mert. While Didem is interested in Mert’s close friend. Mert’s friend is too much fun that’s why denim likes him. Mert’s close friend is an actor in theaters and his name is Cem.

In this movie, the concept of friendship, love life, and stories of three romantic relationships are given. 

  • Watchtower

(gozetleme rules) 

best story

Watchtower is the best movie that was published in 2012 and directed by Pelin Esmer. Pilen Esmer always adds family tragedies,  society issues, and traumatic experience topics in her stories.  The story of this movie recommendations is that Nihat faces too many tragedies in his past due to his family. When he grew up, he decided to go out and search for a job.

He finds a job as a guard of the watchtower in a national park. Nihat goes with his friends to another village where they buy some groceries. At the restaurant,  he meets with Seher, who is a young girl and works as a tour guide. One day he sees her in extreme pain because she is pregnant. He helped her to abandon her newborn near the station in the watchtower. Seher tells him the story of how she becomes pregnant and faces a lot of family issues and how she cannot bear the responsibilities. After listing the tragic past of Seher,  Neil also shares their family tragedies and his responsibilities. 

This best movie gains a lot of likes and sharings because people love the content, quality of acting, and the tragic scenes in the movie. 

  • The confession: Tales about darkness (Itiraf)
enjoyable movie

Tales about darkness is the best movie that was published in 2009 and directed by Nikolay Khomeriki.  The story of these movie recommendations are about Angelina. Angelina lives in a big city and feels too lonely and she wanders in the streets at night. She watched many couples enjoying and feeling very happy with each other. 

She always seems couples in the streets are flirting and having fun with each other. At this moment, she feels too lonely. Angelina is a nice girl and a good police inspector. His job is to help others,  listen to the issues of people, helping the poor kids and worried youngsters.  One day she remains busy with her duties, she talks with a little boy. The little boy tells Angelina how lonely and boring she is in her life.

The words of this little boy affected her and when he returned home she thought about it. She decided to choose a healthy lifestyle. She wanted to change her boring life to a life which is full of fun and happiness. This movie gives the concept of conversion of boring life to a joyful life. Tales about darkness gain a lot of viewers and that is more important for any film production. 

  • Love in another language( baska dildo ask)
romantic best movie

Love in another language is a romantic best movie recommendation that was published in 2009 and directed by Ilksen Basarir. The basic story of the movie is just like that of the Onur who is deaf from his childhood. His mother and father left him when he was just seven years old. He blames himself for that due to his disability. 

Onur faced too many issues and tragedies in his life due to his disability. Everyone hates him when they know about his disability. Onur feels too much alone in his whole life. At the engagement party of the Onur,  he met with a nice girl whose name is Zeynep. Zeynep knows about the hearing disability of the Onur but she doesn’t bother to talk with him and starts understanding every point of the Onur without speaking. Zeynep is a kind-hearted girl. She works in a call center. Onur met with Zeynep in different places coincidently and with time Onur fell in love with Zeynep. Zeynep also finds peace in the company of Onur. 

This movie tells the audience about the concept of real love through the romantic story between Onur And Zeynep. 

  • Miracle in cell no 07

( kogustaki Mucize) 

best father

Miracle number 07 is an emotional movie that was published in 2019 and directed by Mehmet Ada Oztekin. Mehmet Ada always adds society issues, tragic points in his best movies. That’s why viewers love to see his movies. 

The story of the movie is about a father who is too much hardworking and his name is Mehmet Koyunko. Mehmet lives with his beautiful small daughter and his grandmother. The daughter is very kind-hearted to her father. Her name is Ova. They live on a hillside in a village. Mehmet works hard to run away from the chain of his family. And ova is too impressive to her father. That’s why she follows every point of her father. 

In their good life, Mehmet is falsely charged with the murder of a girl. But it is not true because Mehmet didn’t kill this girl. After all, this girl died in a horrific accident. The people in the village hate Mehmet and ask him to go out of the village with the family and this is too tragic a moment for him. He tried his best to prove himself true but no one accepted Mehmet’s request. Ova trusts her father to give him the courage that she is always with him.

In this movie, the writer tells about the difficulties and tragedies of a father and the social issues that he faced. 

  • Paper lives(kağıttan Hayatlar) 
best dad

Paper lives is a movie that was published recently this year and is directed by Can Okay. This movie is written by Ercan Mehmet. The paper lives the best movie is based on a boy who is homeless and becomes a source of a child who connects with his own family by this boy.

Paper lives movie is based on a small boy whose name is Mehmet. He is a homeless child who collects garbage from the streets and runs the chain of his own life by cleaning the streets. Many children work with him because they have no family who supports them. So they collect garbage from the streets and clean up all the public ways.

One day, Mehmet met with an eight years old boy who is also homeless. He tells Mehmet about his family and he is too upset that nothing is with him to search out his family members. Mehmet gives him courage and makes a promise to him that he will help you for searching for your family. After that, Mehmet tried a lot and the boy met with his family members. 

Paper lives movies give the best concept of humanity by the beautiful story between Mehmet and this small boy.

  • Hot sweet-sour(ACI Tatli Eksi) 
love making story

Hot sweet sour is the best movie that was published in 2017. This movie is a love story movie that’s why it contains a lot of viewers. Spectators love the acting of the characters in the movie. The story of this movie is based on a girl and boy who are in a good relationship with each other. This is not love at first sight. They have known each other since childhood and fell in deep love. 

Murat and Dygu both are in a good relationship and agree with their family members for marriage but there are a lot of issues they face. From childhood, they both present for each other in every problem and they promise to each other if they will be single till five years then they will marry. They understand each other and want to get married. But there are too many family misconceptions. 

The sweet-sour movie gives the concept of love and relationship through the story of Murat and Diego.

  • My father and my son (Babam ve Uglum) 
being responsible father

My father and my son is a movie that was published in 2005 and directed by Calgon Imrak. Calgon imrak always adds family-related issues and tragedies in his movies. That’s why his best movies are very popular in the foreign film industry. This movie is based on the story of a father and child. Father forces his son whose name is Sadik to study in a city, that’s why Sadik leaves the village and goes to Istanbul University to study engineering. But Sadik didn’t behave with her father when he completed his degree. 

After that, his father and mother left him. After some years his wife is pregnant and feels severe pain but at night there is no way to reach the hospital and she gives birth to a baby in a park and she dies but the baby’s health is good. Sadik returned home with his baby boy. After some years Sadik was arrested due to some political issues and there was no one to take care of his child. Then he went back to his previous home and requested his father to take care of this tiny child. 

This movie gives us the concept of obedience of parents through the short emotional story of Sadik and his father. 

  • The Butterfly’s Dream( kelebegin Ruyasi) 
poetic movie

The butterfly dream is the latest movie that was published in 2013 and is directed by Yilmaz Erdogan. The movie is the story of two close friends that are also interested in poetry. Tayyip Oslo and Rustu Onur are both friends and write beautiful poetry. They have a dream to become a famous poet and fly like butterflies in the sky. They met with a sweet girl whose name is Suzan.

Suzan is also the best poet so they all decided to write amazing poetry for people. With time Suzan likes Rusty’s poetry but Muzaffar wins the heart of Suzan. Rustu fell in deep love with Suzan. These days tuberculosis is spreading day by day. Rustu and Muzaffar both are suffering from tuberculosis. Rustu becomes very ill and is admitted to the hospital where he meets with a pretty girl who is also suffering from this disease. 

This movie is based on the poetry and love life of both characters. That’s why this best movie gains a lot of attention from the audience. 

  • One way to tomorrow (MARINA TEK BILET) 
romantic movie

One way to tomorrow is the romantic movie that is published in  2020 and directed by Ozan Aciktan. One way to tomorrow is the romantic story of Leyla and Ali. Leyla always travels alone in a train compartment. One day she met with Ali because Leyla is in. Incredible edibles seat and Ali asks him for a seat and Leyla awkwardly moves backward to her original seat. 

Then they start talking with each other and with time these two strangers feel nice to share each other’s views. Then they both met in a marriage coincidently. When Leyla watched Ali then they both were shocked and arranged dinner at the same table. All order a coffee with milk for her. Leyla is shocked at how he knows about her taste but she never asks about it. So it is the first step of a good relationship between them.

In this movie, the concept of understanding two strangers and then falling in love with each other is given. 

  • Innocence

( masumiyet) 

innocence movies

Innocence is a movie that will be published in  2019. Innocence movie is based on a story of a mother whose name is Bahar and her life changes when her eighteen years old daughter fell in love with the wrong man. Her daughter, who is Ela’s, fell in deep love with her boyfriend who is not a good man and is involved in bad matters. 

Elias’s father is 35 years old and he left his wife and married another lady. Now Bahar is too upset because Ela’s father is not here to understand her daughter. On Ela’s birthday, Bahar gets shocked when this wrong man proposes to his daughter.  Bahar wants to protect her daughter but her daughter cannot understand the point of her mother. She thought that her mother told a lie because her mother didn’t like her boyfriend. 

This movie gains a lot of attention from the audience because in this movie the hardships of a mother for her daughter are discussed. 

  • Keep the bees(Kovan)

Keep the bees is a movie that is directed by Eylem Kaftan. This movie is based on the story of a girl and his old mother. The girl’s name is Meryem Uzerli.  The girl left her village and went to the city to change her life and for education. When she was in the city her mom was too ill and one day her mother called her and died when they talked to each other. 

Meryem was barking at a phone call on the other side while her mother is no more in this world. And she says to her daughter please take care of my beloved bees. Meryem is too upset and contacts her mother’s loyal assistant to help her to take care of my mother’s bees. He guided her in which ways that she should use to take care of the bees. Meryem tries fully to take care of her mother bees because it is the last wish and biggest fear of her mother. 

This movie gains a lot of viewers because it is an emotional story of Meryem with her mother. This movie became very popular in the film industry. 

  • A chaster marriage (EL DEGMEMIS Ask) 
love movie

A chaster marriage is the best movie to watch that is directed by Umut. This movie is written by Yasar Arak. This movie is based on the story of four characters in which Zafar is a boy whose father is forced to marry any girl. But Zafar is not interested in marriage that’s why Zafar forced her school friend to marry. The girl who is Zafar’s friend is very nice. Her name is Feryal. 

But Feryal fell in deep love with Zafar’s best friend whose name is Diego and he plays football very well. That’s why Feryal impresses too much from Diego’s personality. While Diego didn’t know the feelings of Faryal. Zafar wants a fake marriage just because of his father. There are too many funny scenes in the movie. Zafar tried many funny attempts for marriage but all his plans yielded no result. 

This movie gives the concept of true love and marriage. That’s why this movie gains a lot of viewers from the spectators. 

  • The Edge of Heaven(AUF DER ANDEREN SEITE) 
father and son story

The Edge of Heaven was published in 2007 and is directed by Fatih Akin. This movie is based on the story of Ali who lives in Germany. He is the father of one son whose name is Nejat Aksu. Nejat is a professor at the institute in Germany. Ali met with Yeter Ozturk who is a beautiful lady and Ali says her to stop working as a prostitute. Ali promises her payment and asks her to go with him. 

His son doesn’t want to live with this lady. After some time his father died due to a heart attack. After that Nejat has some soft corner in his heart for this lady and helps her after his father’s death. This movie tells about the humanity of a boy and the great concept of misconceptions. This maintains a lot of attention from the audience because spectators love the acting of actors. 

This movie was awarded a Nobel award that makes it more popular in the best movie box due to the great quality of content. 

  • You are everything to me (sen Benim) 
emotional story

You are everything to me is the most-watched emotional movie that was published in 2016 and is directed by Tolga Cevik. This film is very famous due to the best acting of the characters because the actors in this movie look too natural.  That’s why this movie gained a lot of viewers and likes because this movie tells the audience about the concept of a father’s love for his daughter.

This movie is based on the story between a passionate father and his daughter. The bond between father and daughter is very incredible. The daughter loves her father and tells every plan and wants to fulfill her dreams with him. Father is the hero of her daughter and admits to her all mistakes and understands every point of her daughter. He wants to give a joyful life to his daughter. 

In this movie, the father’s love for his daughter is discussed which is the only reason for its popularity in film production.

  • Have you ever seen fireflies? (Sen hic ates Bocegi GorduN Mu?) 

Have you ever seen firefly is a historical best movie that is published in the year 2021 and is directed by Yilmaz Erdogan? This movie is based on the story of a girl whose name is Gulseren. She lives her life lonely, that’s why she feels too much loneliness and lives a boring life. She loves her friend but she lost her love due to political tragedies. Then she decided to change her profession and lifestyle. 

Because Gulseren is fed up with her busy and boring life. She changed totally in the movie so there are two different characters in the same movie. Spectators love the acting of Gulseren. That’s why this movie gained a lot of followers and likes as compared to other movies. There are funny and sad scenes in the movie that make the spectators sad or happy at the same time. 

This movie gives the concept of love and life by the fantastic story of Gulseren. 

  • Times and Winds(Bes Vakit) 
teacher's day special movie

Times and winds is a sad movie that was published in 2006 and directed by Reha Erdem. Time and winds movie is based on three youngsters in a village. They all face too many difficulties in the rural areas. Omer hates his father, who is the Imam of the village and wants to kill him using different methods. While the friend of Omer whose name is Yakup. 

He is very kindhearted and also a student of the father of Omer. He gives too much respect to his teacher. Yildiz is also a young boy and he helps her old mother who is ill. Yildiz does all the homework due to the illness of his mother. This movie gains a lot of viewers and followers because of the quality of content and amazing acting of the actors. Spectators love the ways tragedies are discussed in the movie. 

This movie gives the concept of life in the village and rural areas by the story of these three youngsters. 

  • Motherland Hotel(NAYURAT TELI) 
motherland hotel

Motherland Hotel is a recommended movie that was published in 1987 and directed by Omer Kapur. This movie is based on the story of a man whose name is Zebercet. He has a small hotel and he runs this hotel very well with a small maid who is living with him. She helps him to cook food and serve the other clients in the hotel. The hotel is running very well and zebercet earns handsome money from his hostel. 

One day, a client comes into the hotel and promises to return after some days but the client doesn’t return to the hotel. That is too disappointing a situation for zerbecet and he eventually strangles her maid. After that, he feels too upset and closes the hotel. In this movie, too many depressing scenes are present that’s why viewers appreciate the content quality of the movie.

This movie gives the concept of how depression destroys your life by the story of zerbecet. 

  • Love, surreal and odd(Tatlim title) 

Love, surreal and odd is the best romantic most watched movie that was published in 2017 and directed by Yilmaz Erdogan. Love surreal and odd movie is based on the story of four couples. These four couples are so amazing and beautiful. They have true feelings for each other. They all have amazing memories of life and joy with each other. Love surreal and odd movies have many comedy scenes also that’s why viewers like it too much. 

These four couples want a happy married life with each other. So they all decided to get married. This movie is too funny and romantic. Spectators love the acting of actors and the quality of the content in the movie. This movie gives the concept of real love, loyal relationship, and marriage. 

This movie gains a lot of attention from the audience and becomes too popular in the film box. 

  • Night of knots( Dugum Salonu) 

Night of knots is a funny and romantic movie that was published in 2018 and directed by Hakan Algal. Night of knots movie is based on a story of a couple who got married in the hotel but the boy ran away to his ex-lover who got married in the next hall at the same hotel. It all creates a lot of mess for both couples. Everyone is very upset about why the boy ran to his ex-girlfriend. 

There are a lot of funny scenes present in the movie. Viewers love the acting of both couples. This movie gains a lot of attention from the audience because everyone likes comedy situations in the movie. This movie makes you happy or sad at the same time. That’s why it becomes too popular in the universal region.

This movie gives the concept of love and life by the story of two couples who got married in the same hotel. 

  • Winter sleep( kIS UYKUSU) 

Winter sleep is a very famous watched movie that was published in 2014 and directed by Nuri Bilge Ceylan. Winter sleep movie is based on the story of a man who is a writer and manages the hotel simultaneously spends his life in a good way because he is educated as compared to other people in the village. One day Aydin was driving with his assistant when a big stone came and broke the mirror. It was thrown, Ismail’s son Ilyas 

One of the tenants of Aydin is damaged due to this accident. In this movie, the difference between poor and rich people is discussed. Winter sleep movies gain a lot of attention from the viewers because of the good quality of acting and actors’ hard work thePotterChris hard work of actors. This movie gains too many likes and shares as compared to other movies. 

This movie gives us the concept of social tragedies that people faced in the village. 

  • Distant (uzak)

Uzak is the best film that was published in 2002 and directed by Belgi Ceylan. This movie is based on the story of two youngsters. Yousaf lives in a village and works in a factory. He left the job and went to the city to his relative’s house. Mehmet is his cousin. He is a good photographer and has too much wealth. While Yousaf does not have enough money, that’s why Yousaf finds a job in the city. 

Yousaf thinks that he easily finds a job as a sailor but there is no chance of a sailor’s job, any job of a sailor in the city. While Mehmet becomes aimless about his profession, he switches out all channels to watch porn when Yousaf leaves the room. Mehmet wants to make a good bond with Yousadmf but Yousaf didn’t like his habits that’s why Mehmet always failed in his planings. 

This movie tells us about the concept of rich and poor and the life of the village and city. 

  • Three monkeys(tres monos) 

Three monkeys are the best-recommended movie that was published in 2008 and directed by Nuri Bilge Ceylan. This movie is based on the story of a man whose name is Servet and he is a wealthy businessman. He is running a campaign for the upcoming election so he was driving a car at midnight alone. And suddenly he met with an accident. He tries to open his eyes but he did not do that.

He calls his driver and tells all about the situation. After that, he would be killed by any pedestrian in the middle of the road at night. This movie gains a lot of attention and interest from the audience because this movie creates a lot of suspense. Three monkey movie is appreciated by spectators because they love the acting quality of the film

This film is very popular as compared to other films.

  • Climates (climber)

Climate is a famous movie that was released in 2006 and directed by Ceylan. This movie is based on the story of two romantic characters. The film starts with the romantic scene when Isa is taking pictures on the beach and Bahar is also there. They are talking to each other. After some days they met with each other and Isa says Bahar to break up. 

Isa put her hands on his eyes when they were riding on a bike due to this, Bahar loses his concentration and met with an accident and they both have severe injuries. After recovering both could not look baat to each other and continue the again of this movie to gain interest and appreciation from the viewers. This film became very popular in Turkish film production due to the best quality of content in the movie. 

This movie gives the concept of a loyal relationship to our young generation and the tragedies that must come in a relationship.

  • Destiny(KADER)

Destiny is a famous Turkish movie that was published in 2006 and directed by Zeki Demirkubuz. This movie is based on the story of ugur and major. Ugur is the male character in the movie and he is a good-hearted man. He is a singer in theaters. Ugur falls in deep love with Zagon who is the criminal. Her mother is too ill that’s why he takes care of her younger brother. One day some people want to shoot out the Cevat, the brother of Zagor. 

Ugur warns these people not to bully this little boy but the next day some people come into the coffee shop and shout out Cevat. Zagor shouts out this man in his house and the police arrest her. Ugar tried fully to free up Zagor from the prison but failed. This movie gains a lot of appreciation from the viewers because of the amazing acting of ugur and major. This movie gives the concept of crimes, love, and life. 

This movie is too famous due to the emotional content of the movie.

  • The waiting room (BEKLEME ODASI) 

The waiting room is the best Turkish film that was published in 2003 and directed by Ahmet. The movie is based on the story of a man whose name is Ahmet and a film on crime and punishment. But in the filmmaking period, he fell into severe depression, anxiety, and sleeping disorders that made him lazy.

He loses interest in making films and he stops working on that film. This movie became trendy because the content of this movie is based on depression and human health issues. This movie gives us the concept of how overthinking makes you depressed and you lose all of your ininterestn our work. Spectators love the acting of Mehmet because he looks too natural in his role. This movie won great awards at the Turkish film box office. 

In this movie, the depression and full of anxiety of life are discussed, which is too important for the young generation to become aware of. 

  • Mustang (Mustang) 

Mustang is the best Turkish movie which was published in 2015 and directed by Deniz Gamze Ergüven. This movie is based on the story of five sisters that are living in a village. The sale is the biggest one of all. One day they all decided to go home from school by bus. On the way, they enjoy themselves a lot and were playing in the water with the toys by sitting on their shoulders. When they come back they are all beaten by their grandmother because they were enjoying themselves with the boys. 

Mustang movie is based on five sisters who are living in a village within any limits. Their family members didn’t want them to get an education from school. Their grandmother didn’t want to send them outside in short dresses. This movie gains a lot of appreciation from the audience due to the gender discrimination story of this movie.

This movie gained too much popularity in Turkish production. 

Harry Potter:

Harry Potter is a movie that was published in 2001 and directed by Chris Columbus. The story of this movie is based on a little boy whose name is Harry Potter. He is an orphaned boy and was brought by his unkind uncle and aunt. When he was eleven years old a giant Rubeus Hagrid told him about his parents. 

He tells Harry that you are a wizard and your parents are murdered by an unkind wizard whose name is Lord Voldemort. This movie is very popular and trendy as compared to others. The budget of this movie is $1.2 billion. Viewers like the acting of little child Harry. 


Titanic is an American film that was published in 1997 and directed by James Cameron. The Titanic movie is based on the story of Rose and jack. Rose wants to marry a good-hearted man. While her family is forced to marry Cal, who is too unkind. Because her family wants to resolve their financial issues by marrying Cal with rose. 

Rose is too much upset and decided for suicide. Here she met with Jack who prevented her from falling. Rose tells Jack about Cel and her family. Jack understands her and tells her suicide is not a solution and then the family of rose thanked Jack for preventing her life. So the friendship of Jack and Rose started. After that, they go for shipping, and here they face a big storm. This movie is full of suspense and tragedies that’s why people like it. 

Dangal(Simdi Basliyor) 

Dangal was published in 2016 and directed by Nitesh Tiwari. It is a Hindi-Indian film. The story of this movie is based on the father and his daughters. Father wants his unborn son to become a good wrestler and win a medal in wrestling but he has no son and he has four daughters.

He was very disappointed but one day when his daughters, whose names are Geeta and Babita, returned home after beating two boys, his fathers felt that his daughters had the potential to make good wrestlers and he started coaching them. After too much hard work and training his one daughter won a gold medal in wrestling and became the first lady wrestler in India. Viewers like this movie because in this the struggle of a father for his daughters is discussed.


We have studied the theme, style, content, and quality of acting of Turkish movies. Everyone is interested in the best movies, dramas, and serials then Turkish films or movies are best for entertainment purposes. This article contains information about how the Turkish industry has been too popular in the whole world. Their dramas, serials, and shows gain a lot of attention from the audience. I hope this article helps you to understand the top or best thirty Turkish movies to watch. Best of luck. 

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