🪞 Mirror Emoji-

by Emilia

Emoji Meaning: 

Mirror emoji🪞 an apparent wall-mounted mirror that has varying shapes depending on the platform and is usually framed in royal gold. Reflection, pride, and magical powers (thanks to Disney) are all conveyed by the object Mirror, and perhaps also a reality check.


After Unicode 13.0 was accepted in 2020, Mirror was added to Emoji 13.0 as well.

Mirror emoji

Other Names

🪞 Reflector

🪞 Looking Glass

🪞 Cheval Glass

🪞 Full-Length Mirror

🪞 Mirror With a Wooden Frame

🪞 Hand Glass

🪞 Pier Glass


  • 🪞 U+1FA9E


  • :mirror: (Emojipedia)
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