🎖️ Military Medal Emoji

Military Medal Emoji

Emoji Meaning

The military medal emoji means the army (as the name would suggest). However, this object also indicates showing bravery, grit, strength, and awe in a warzone.

Note: As part of Unicode 7.0 in 2014, the military medal was authorized, and the Emoji 1.0 was added in 2015. 

Similar Emoji

⚔️ Crossed Swords, 🥇 1st Place Medal, 💂 Guard, 🪖 Military Helmet, 🎀 Ribbon, 🏵️ Rosette, 🫡 Saluting Face, 🥈 2nd Place Medal, 🏅 Sports Medal, 🥉 3rd Place Medal, 🏆 Trophy

Also Known As

🎖️ Medal

🎖️ Medallion

🎖️ Military Decoration

🎖️ Army Medal

🎖️ Prize

🎖️ Army Recognition

🎖️ Soldier’s Medal


🎖️ U+1F396



:medal: (Slack)

:medal_military: (Github)

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