by Nouroze Khan

When you need to download a movie or a TV series, what do you do? You search on the web and visit several websites, most of which are either fake links or the files are corrupt. This is the part where torrent sites like Mejortorrent excel. There are numerous movies, documentaries, TV series, games, and music available to download on this platform.  Mejortorrent brings this collection at one place in an organized manner so that the user does not waste his time searching for their content.

Now, there are plenty of torrent sites available on the internet, but Mejortorrent is one of the most popular sites as it offers all the latest content in HD quality. It offers a range of categories, where movies are arranged according to their genres. This enables the user to quickly select the category and jump to the movie or series that he likes.

Here is a detailed description of Mejortorrent to provide you with a better understanding of the website.

What Does Mejortorrent Offer?

Mejortorrent 1 is an exclusive Spanish website, which offers a wide range of media content and games to download. The database of Mejor Torrent has over 800 documentaries, 11000 movies, 1900 TV series, 2600 games, and 3500 music audios. With such a wide range of content available, users can be assured that they’ll discover everything they are looking for.

Mejortorrent also ensures that users do not waste their time on the pop-ups that generally appear on most torrent sites. The user-interface of the website is sleek, clean, and easy to use. There are no ludicrous ads, no signups, no newsletters, or pop-ups. Everything is designed, keeping in mind the needs of a typical movie maniac on the internet.

Apart from the range of content, the quality it offers is also remarkably high, and a major chunk of the movies are available in HD. All these features make Mejortorrent a fantastic website for entertainment seekers. With most of the popular torrent websites closed down, Mejor torrent has become a one-stop downloading station. 

Keeping in mind the strict copyright laws, the site has been designed to stay low. It is targeted at the user’s enjoyment, and profit is earned by the site. With more and more leaks of high-quality content, authorities are on a high-alert. Mejor torrent is one of the few websites that make it possible in these difficult times to download high-quality content.

Some Of The Most Famous Movies Leaked By Mejortorrent


El diablo a todas horas movieEl Diablo A Todas Horas Movie In HD
Soltera 39Solters 39 Watch and Download in HD
Freaks movie in hdFreaks: 3 Superheroes Download in HD
Hurkus, heroe en el cielo filmHürkuş: héroe en el cielo Download In HD
Casanova, su último amor Leaked by MajortorrentCasanova, su último amor Download In HD
  • The Escape from Auschwitz


  • La extraordinaria playlist de Zoe Temporada 1
  • Das Boot: El submarino Temporada 2
  • Jurassic World: Campamento Cretácico Temporada 1
  • Oz Temporada 6
  • Ratched 
  • Hightown


  • Ratched Temporada 1 
  • Endeavour Temporada 2 
  • Oz Temporada 5 
  • Oz al
  • Veneno 
  • Endeavour


  • A Casa 
  • El convento 
  • Proyecto Power 
  • Mortal 
  • Body Cam 
  • El tiempo contigo 


  • Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy
  • Faceted Flight VR
  • FaceRig Pro
  • FaceRig
  • F1 2014
  • F1 2015


  • NOW That’s What I Call Halloween
  • Need for Speed: Soundtrack
  • Workout Top Music Motivation
  • Dance Hits: The 00s
  • Platinum Rock
  • Pop Dance Sensation

What Are The Different Categories In Mejortorrent 1? 

Mejor torrent has a wide range of content, and its proper organization is essential. These “groupings” help users to quickly jump to the content they want. It helps in saving a lot of time. All the content is carefully segregated into the following categories: 


Recently, documentaries have seen a sudden increase in demand. There is a total of 842 documentaries available to download in a range of different video qualities like 320p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p. Many of these are in the Spanish language, while some are available in foreign languages as well. 

Documentaries provide information about a real event. It can be a radio program or a film. These documentaries are very useful to know about various happenings around the world, like the US-Afghanistan war.


Films are the most extensive collection of torrents on the website. There are 11256 movie torrents. Most of these are available with subtitles and dubbed audios. The video quality available is also pretty decent. However, many of the recently released movies are a rip off the HD video quality.

The films are available on a wide subject, ranging from action to drama, from comedy to tragedies. The collection also contains movies with several accolades. Films from many famous directors such as Eisenstein, Igmar Bergman, Akira Kurosova and many others, are available for downloads.

HD Movies

This is a category of movies that are available only in HD, be it 720p or 1080p. Many users prefer watching movies in high quality, and it doesn’t get better than this. There are a total of 2068 HD movie torrents. These movie torrents work fluidly on any torrent client. The estimated download times are also very low. All the quality content available can be downloaded with just a click of a button.

Mejortorrent Series

This is a collection of TV shows and web Mejortorrent series, from different countries, and in several languages. Although these films might be in different languages, they also have subtitles available. There are a total of 1961 shows. Their episodes add up to 22513 torrents.

HD Series

Similar to the HD movies, the category of HD series also offers high definition episodes. Most of the older series do not have high pixel densities, and hence the number of HD series is limited to 244, with a total of 2743 episodes. These episodes come bundled in folders.

So, there is no mess about episodes and their order. All that the users have to do is download the torrent, and the major torrent will make sure that you download the whole series without any episodes missing.


It is unusual for a website to offer movies, TV shows, and games. Elitetorrent Mejortorrent offers 2689 games. This includes PC as well as mobile and tablet games. Out of the total number of games, 1736 are for PCs. This makes it one of the most comprehensive collections of games, among the torrent sites. 

What makes the major torrent stand out from other players in the league is that it not only offers media content but also famous titles of PC games. Some of the games are GTA vice city, Harry Potter PC games, MAX PAYNE et al.


This category is made to offer other miscellaneous content, including sports, programs, video clips, and others. Ranging from the highlights of the recent La Liga game to funny videos, all are available in this category. There are a total of 1521 torrents of the ‘varied’ category.

These categories offer something that users generally don’t get to see on other platforms. The content is very much used in popular culture and hence finds its way to this torrent site. It is not usual for a site to offer movies, TV shows, Internet Series and Video Games all in one place.

MP3 Music

The latest songs in high-quality mp3 format are also available here. There are so many music torrents that it has a separate category, with over 3500 torrents. All these categories total up to 57258 torrents on the website, which is an indication of the vast database of entertainment available here on Mejor torrent. 

You don’t need to scroll through Youtube anymore. The platform eats a lot of your data and doesn’t let you download any music from its site. Mejor Torrent can be a great alternative to this platform.

Is The User-Interface Any Good? 

User-interface is pretty good and allows the user to have easy access to a host of entertainment media. Although the display area covers the screen, information is displayed only in the center portion. This makes the field of view very limited, which is something that can be improved. Otherwise, there is not much to complain about the website in terms of user experience.

A search bar is situated at the top right corner, which is quite typical of modern websites. The categories menu is on the left side, serving as a link to the list of content available in each of the categories. You can even search according to the alphabets, which are provided at the center of the screen on the top.

Recently uploaded torrents are available as you scroll down the home page, and these are also divided into categories. The time and date of the last update are also displayed right next to the category name.

There is another option in the main menu, ‘Latest Torrents,’ which displays the latest released torrents from all of the categories available. This can be used as a quick search if you know that the content has been recently uploaded.

In case you are facing trouble while downloading any content or browsing the website, you can click on the ‘Help’ option in the topmost menu, next to the home button. In case your issue does not get sorted with the help option, or you have any suggestions for the Elitetorrent Mejortorrent website, you can contact them using the ‘Contact’ option.

Why Features Does Mejor Torrent offer? 

Now that it is established that Mejortorrent Estrenos is an extensive source of media download, it is time to look at the feature that makes it stand out amongst other websites. 

  • Wide Range Of Content: The wide range of movies and shows available make it a great option to consider when looking to download something. Apart from these, there are games and music also available to download. 
  • Excellent Video Quality: The quality of the content is also commendable. Most of the content is available in high pixel density, while several titles are available in HD as well. Music quality is also excellent, and the file size is also small, making it easier to download. 
  • Safety: Mejor torrent is one of the safer sites out there. Unlike many other websites, it is a lot safer. When browsing, you do not end up at any fake links. Even when downloading content, no advertisements, useless apps, or malware affect your computer. 
  • One-click download: Downloading from el Mejortorrent is very simple. It can be done with the click of the ‘magnet download’ button. No need to log in or copy the link to some other website in order to download.
  • Minimalistic UI: Mejortorrent does not have any irrelevant ads or graphics that plague the screen. The interface is very clean and offers a minimalistic look, with a small number of titles available on the home page.

What Makes Mejortorrent Estrenos Better Than Other Websites? 

Mejortorrent has a significant factor going in its favor, and that being the ban on several other torrents downloading sites. This has meant that now Mejor torrent boasts of one of the widest range of content amongst the websites in operation. The probability for a user to find whatever they are looking for is very high on this site. 

Another category Mejor torrent excels in is the lack of advertisements on the website. Usually, torrent sites run several ads, ultimately plaguing the screen ad disrupting the browsing experience of the users. El Mejortorrent org does not display any such advertisements.  

For the file sizes, the quality of the content on offer is outstanding. You can choose the video quality you wish to download. There are separate torrents available for different video qualities.  

The availability of games and music is a bonus. There are very few sites which offer movies, TV shows, and Games. This makes Mejor torrent as a single address with the three most popular modes of entertainment. Games are downloaded as zip files, and you need to have the required applications to unzip these files.

Is Mejortorrent Illegal?

Every torrent site is guilty of copyright infringement to an extent, and this is why they are banned in several countries. Suppose a movie is released, and its distribution and streaming rights are already distributed. Now the companies that buy these rights release the film on their platforms, but they require a subscription. With torrent websites like Mejortorrent org, this content is available for free.  

Due to the scenario mentioned above, many of the significant websites, production houses, and even streaming platforms tend to prevent their content from being distributed via torrent sites. As a result of which most of the trusted and big-name torrent sites had to end their operation. However, websites like Mejortorrent org are fortunate to be still operational because of their P2P nature.

How Does Mejortorrent Work? 

Mejortorrent 2019 is a bit different from other downloading websites and is typical of any torrent site. Most of the websites work on a single server model, where a single computer uploads all the data on the website. In this situation, if there are any copyright infringements, the central server is entirely held responsible. 

The process used in Mejortorrent 2 is P2P, which simply means that the ownership of the content does not belong to the website owner. Third-party servers upload all the movies, TV series, and other data.  

Torrent is not the file you are looking to download. It is a small file that consists of the data about the location of the data you are looking for. Mejortorrent 2019 serves as a platform where people download torrents and upload them at the same time. The website does not upload any content; users upload the content. What torrent websites do is simply manage the content and make sure there are no fake links, malware, and corrupt files uploaded.

How To Browse And Download From Mejortorrent? 

Downloading from the Mejortorrent torrent magnet is pretty simple and is similar to any other torrent website. The first thing you need to do is to have Bittorrent. Since the torrent links do not download the file, they are just the address to where the content is, BitTorrent is necessary to get the metadata. Now once you have installed Bittorrent, follow the steps below to begin downloading. 

  • Open the official website of Mejortorrent 2. 
  • On the home page, under different categories, look for the movie or TV show you wish to download.  
  • If you find the required content on the home page, click on it; otherwise, search for it on the search bar at the top right corner of the homepage. 
  • Alternatively, you can click on the ‘All Movies’ option to get a list of the movies available. From this list, browse the films and click on the ones you wish to download. 
  • Now once the movie link opens, search for the ‘magnet download link.’ Click on the link. 
  • A dialogue box appears, requesting permission to access the BitTorrent. Click ‘Allow’ or ‘Access Bittorrent.’ 
  • The BitTorrent window opens, asking to start the download. Click ‘Start,’ and your download will soon begin. 
  • You can monitor the status of the downloading file, and also the approximate time it would take to finish. 

With the strict rule coming in to curb the illegal distribution of media content, P2P websites like Mejortorrent torrent magnet are serving the entertainment needs of the viewers. Although it needs a few improvements in the user interface to make it more extensive, the website fulfills its purpose of providing free content. Also, a wide -range of data available makes it a one-stop destination for movie buffs and gamers alike.

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