💆‍♂️Man Getting Massage Emoji

by Katie J. Ray

Emoji Meaning 

Man Getting Massage Emoji 💆‍♂️ is shown as a single emoji on many social networking platforms. It is represented in different styles on different platforms like on Microsoft and Google it is represented as a male with fingers or hands rubbing on the head to show the process of massage. But on iPhones, it is also represented by many head massaging symbols.

Note:  The Man Getting Massage Emoji has become a part of Unicode 4.0 in the year 2016. 

Similar Emoji 

A list of related emojis of Man Getting Massage Emoji includes 🐲 Dragon Face, 💆 Person Getting Massage, 🤦 Person Facepalming, 🤕 Face with Head-Bandage, 💇 Person Getting Haircut, 🤯 Exploding Head, 🗣️ Speaking Head, 💆‍♀️ Woman Getting Massage

Apple Name

💆‍♂️ Man Getting a Head Massage


💆 U+1F486


♂ U+2642



:massage_man: (Github)

:man_getting_massage_man-getting-massage: (Slack)

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