🧚‍♂️ Man Fairy Emoji

Man Fairy Emoji

Emoji Meaning 

Man Fairy Emoji 🧚‍♂️ is shown as a single emoji on many social networking platforms. The Man Fairy emoji has a sequence of ZWJ  Zero Width Joiner with the combination to a male or ♂️ male sign.

Note: Man Fairy Emoji became a part of Unicode 5.0 in the year 2017.

Similar Emoji 

🧚 Fairy, 👨 Man, 🏌️ Person Golfing, 🏋️ Person Lifting Weights, 🕺 Man Dancing, 🕴️ Person in Suit Levitating, 🫃 Pregnant Man, ⛀ White Draughts Man.

Apple Name

🧚‍♂️ Man Fairy


🧚 U+1F9DA


♂ U+2642



:fairy_man: (Github)

:man_fairy_male_fairy: (Slack)

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