🀄 Mahjong Red Dragon Emoji

Mahjong Red Dragon Emoji

Emoji Meaning

The Mahjong Red Dragon Emoji depicts a red Chinese character “中” on a square box. This symbol generally refers to the game “mahjong” invented by ancient Chinese. People sometimes send this as a Chinese character to indicate the country of China. 

NOTE: Mahjong Red Dragon was accepted in 2008 as part of Unicode 5.1 under the name “Mahjong Tile Red Dragon” and in 2015 labeled to Emoji 1.0.

Mahjong Red Dragon Emoji

Also Known As

🀄 Mahjong

🀄 Mahjong Tile

🀄 中

Apple Name

🀄 Mahjong Tile Red Dragon

Unicode Name

🀄 Mahjong Tile Red Dragon


🀄 U+1F004


:mahjong: (Github, Slack)

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