🧲 Magnet Emoji

Magnet Emoji

Emoji meaning:

Horseshoe magnet emoji🧲 with a silver or white line object on each end. When using the emoji magnet, you’re conveying attraction, which can include magnetic attraction and gravity. A ‘calling’ or a sense of being “drawn to” something could also be implied.


 As of 2018, Magnet was approved as part of Unicode 11.0 and was added to Emoji approval.

Other Names

🧲 Horse Shoe Magnet

🧲 Horseshoe Magnet

🧲 Magnetite

🧲 Red Horse Shoe Magnet

🧲 Magnetic Field

🧲 Attraction

🧲 Magnetizing

🧲 Electromagnet

🧲 Transverse Magnet


🧲 U+1F9F2


:magnet: (Github, Slack)

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