🔏 Locked with Pen Emoji

Locked With Pen Emoji

Emoji Meaning: 

The object emoji 🔏 is a combination of two symbols a padlock and a pen, the essential meanings of the locked with pen emoji are privacy, security, and confidentiality. It could also refer to a private journal, a personal diary, or something covered.

Note: “Lock with Ink Pen” was approved in 2010 and was added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

Similar Emoji

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Also Known As

🔏 Locked Padlock With Fountain Pen

🔏 Lock and Pen

🔏 Lock and Fountain Pen

🔏 Lock With Ink Pen

🔏 Padlock and Ink Pen


🔏 U+1F50F


:lock_with_ink_pen: (Github, Slack)

locked with pen emoji