🪜 Ladder Emoji

by Emilia

Emoji Meaning:

 Ladder emoji 🪜 a two-tiered wooden ladder leading to a flat area that can sit or stand. For folding and unfolding, each ladder includes two metal straps in between symmetrical pairs of timber stairs. On the literal and metaphorical level, the ladder object represents ascending, reaching a height, and perhaps even coming down the Ladder. When used in conjunction with proverbs or general figures of speech, this emoji has many potential phrasal meanings to explore.


Emoji 13.0 will include Ladder in 2020.

Ladder Emoji

Other Names

🪜 Wooden Ladder

🪜 Wooden Stairway

🪜 Step-Stool

🪜 Stairs

🪜 Scale

🪜 Steps

🪜 Run and Ravel

🪜 Double Ladder


🪜 U+1FA9C


: ladder 

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