🪢 Knot Emoji

Knot Emoji

Knot Emoji Meaning:

A horizontal design of dual cords is linked to a knot that appears continuous at both ends. The knot emoji could indicate a difficult circumstance, a knotted stomach, constraint, and a feeling that one side is occupied and that the marriage is on the other.

The type of knot is diverse on the platform, with a square knot, eight knot, or caricatures presenting most patterns. Often used alongside the language tying the nude in the context of marriage. This object is also used to speak about bondage in the kink culture.

Knot Emoji
Name:Knot Emoji
🪢 Meaning:Commitment, togetherness 
Unicode Version:Unicode 13.0
Emoji and iOS Version:Emoji 13.0 and iOS 15.4

When was Knot added to the emojis category?

The knot emoji was endorsed under Unicode 13.0 in 2020 and later on added to the smiley and emoticon category. It is the classic representation of the old saying “tying the knot” which means two people are getting married.

How can you Copy-Paste Knot Emoji?

People want to know how can they copy-paste knot emojis and other 10000 emojis copy and paste. We will guide you in the below steps that how you can Knot emoji copy and paste/rope emoji copy and paste. So without wasting much time let’s go to the point:

  • Open any browser on your device and visit site:heatfeed.com. Search for the emoji that you want to copy and click on it.
  • Click on the knot emoji copy arrow and the emoji will immediately copy on your device.
  • Now you can paste emoji knots wherever online platform you like.

Who uses 🪢 Knot Emoji?

People use this rope emoji for the old saying “tying the n]knot” which means two people are getting married. what does the knot emoji mean?

If a girl or guy uses this rope emoji in their conversation it means they are talking about their strong bond and relationship. Other than these, people use this noose emoji to combine someone or something.

Lavish combinations to use 🪢 Knot Emoji:

Lavish combinations are a set of various emoticons that are placed together to give more sense to your text. People use different emojis to make their text more fascinating and impressive. We have shared a few ideas below to use the emoji Knot with other emojis:

  • I’m so confused  🪢 🥴🥴
  • Let’s get married 🪢 😍 💘💘
  • ​🌊​🪢​⛵ Sea knot
  • ​✂️​🪢​ Now it’s time to cut the knot
  • ​🧵​🪢​ Knot with the thread
  • Yes, they are going to marry soon 🪢 😍

Similar Emojis:

Emojis that are related to 🪢 Knot emoji are, 🧵 Thread emoji, 🥻 Sari emoji, 👰 Person with Veil emoji, 🪡 Sewing Needle emoji, 👗 Dress emoji, 👘 Kimono emoji, and 🧶 Yarn emoji. Each emoji transmits a unique message among others.

Also Known As

  • 🪢 Knots
  • 🪢 Loop
  • 🪢 Tie Up in Knots
  • 🪢 Knotted
  • 🪢 Knots in the Stomach
  • 🪢 Tie the Knot
  • 🪢 Wedding
  • 🪢 Tied

Apple Name

🪢 Knot

🪢 Knot  Emoji look across various gadgets

Every web service, OS, and gadget manufacturer designs their own emoji so that’s why they look different on different devices. We have drawn a table so that you can easily check out the difference in the appearance of the Knot emoji across various devices. 



iOS 15.4

iOS 14.2


Android 12L

Android 11.0


One UI 4.0 January 2022

One UI 2.5


Windows 11 November 2021 Update

Windows 11



Twemoji 14.0

Twemoji 13.0





🪢 U+1FAA2



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