🎎Japanese Dolls Emoji

The Japanese Dolls Emoji

Emoji Meaning:

The Japanese Dolls Emoji🎎 was added to the category of objects in 2010 as a component of the Unicode 6.0 norm. Fancy Japanese Emperor and Empress dolls, as shown in the festival of Hinamatsuri on March 3 in Japan.


Japanese Dolls Emoji was formed in 2010 as Unicode 6.0 and labeled in Emoji 1.0 2015

Also Known As

  • 🎎 Dolls
  • 🎎 Hinamatsuri
  • 🎎 Imperial Dolls


  • 🎎 U+1F38E


  • :dolls: (Github, Slack)
  • :japanese_dolls: 

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