🈯 Japanese “Reserved” Button Emoji

Japanese “Reserved” Button

Emoji Meaning:

The symbol Japanese “Reserved” Button emoji is enclosed in a green square box means a toe or finger towards a certain direction. The characters CJK Ideographs used in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese languages.

NOTE: The Unicode 5.2 of this Japanese emoji was approved in 2009 under the name “Squared CJK Unified Ideograph-6307” added to emoji 1.0 in 2015.

Also Known As

🈯 Finger Point

🈯 指

Apple Name

🈯 Japanese Sign Meaning “Reserved”

Unicode Name 

🈯 Squared CJK Unified Ideograph-6307


🈯 U+1F22F


:u6307: (Github, Slack)

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