♾️ Infinity Emoji

Infinity Emoji

Infinity Emoji Meaning:

The infinity symbol basically represents something endless and limitless. This is not just used in maths, people nowadays use this emoji when they feel something so much that they can’t even describe it in words. A few people use this infinity emoji with the 😍 Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes emoji to show their endless love for something or someone.

♾️ Emoji is represented as two twisted rows that have made almost two circles joined with each other and this symbol is enclosed in a square box. This symbol is mostly used in the stats of Mathematics to solve many equations and problems.

Infinity Emoji
Name:Infinity Emoji
Meaning:Endless. Limitless
Unicode Version:Unicode 4.1
Emoji and iOS Version:Emoji 11.0 and iOS 15.4

When was Infinity added to the emojis category?

In 2005, the infinity sign emoji was approved under Unicode 4.1 by the name “Permanent Paper Sign” and then added to the smiley and emoticon category in 2018. This emoji is the classic representation of anything that is lasting and limitless.

How can you Copy-Paste Infinity Emoji?

It became very easy to copy-paste your favorite emoji by using our site. Now with just a few clicks you can do infinity symbol copy and paste as well as other 10000 emojis copy and paste. We will guide you in the following steps on how can you copy and paste emojis.

  • Visit heatfeed.com on your browser. Search the emoji that you like to copy and tap on it.
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  • Now you are free to paste it wherever you want to.

Who uses ♾️ Infinity Emoji?

People use this emoji to show their endless or limitless feelings for someone. Basically, this is a mathematical symbol but people use this emoji to express their feelings. If a guy or a girl sends this forever symbol emoji in their conversation it means they have feelings for you that are endless.  People use it to show that they are together forever.

Lavish combination to use ♾️ Infinity Emoji

Lavish combinations are basically a set of emojis that are placed together to convey your feelings accurately. Nowadays people use emojis instead of words to express their feelings. Below are some ideas to use this emoji in context with other emojis.

  • You’re ♾️ cute😍😍
  • My love for you is endless 😍♾️😍💑
  • ​🧑​💻​💻​🧑🤐​♾️​😒​ Never ending a conference call
  • Can you describe what is infinity for you? ♾️🤔🤔
  • ​❤️️​♾️​ True Love is endless

♾️ Infinity Emoji look across various gadgets

Every manufacturer of emojis designs them according to their own unique ideas that’s why they look different across various gadgets. We have drawn a table for you, so you can check out the difference in the looks of infinity emoji across various platforms.

Apple Name

♾️ Infinity Symbol

Also Known As

♾️ Infinity Symbol

Unicode Name 

♾️ Permanent Paper Sign


♾ U+267E



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