📨 Incoming Envelope Emoji

Incoming Envelope Emoji

Emoji meaning

Incoming Envelope emoji📨Meaning, a large, white tray with a wide ring painted blue inside accepts a white envelope on its surface, and For the most part, this object is displayed with only the envelope and three lines of text above or below it. The Incoming Envelope emoji represents mail or a letter that has just arrived and is plainly in an envelope. Aside from a post’s arrival date, this emoji could also refer to a post’s pace.


Emoji 1.0 added Incoming Envelope in 2015.

Also Known As

📨 Incoming Post

📨 Receiving a Mail

📨 Speed Post

📨 Fast Envelop

📨 Envelope With Lines

📨 Envelope Falling into a Box

📨 Post Arrival


📨 U+1F4E8


:incoming_envelope: (Github, Slack)

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