How to Draw?

by Katie J. Ray
how to draw

Drawing is a diagram or picture made with a crayon, pencil, or pen,  rather than paint. It is a type of visible art in which an artist uses instruments to mark paper or other two-dimensional surfaces. This term is used for works with significant technical differences as heart drawing or simple easy things to draw. It was understood in various ways at various times and is hard to define. The term ‘Disegno’ was implied during the Renaissance as both a technique to be distinguished from coloring and as the creative idea in the preliminary design became visible.

draw basic shaps

Easy drawing to do are given for you

Learn to Draw a Bird

this drawing is the best attempt as easy drawing for beginners.

  • First of all, draw an arrow in an upward direction.
draw an arrow
  • Draw a small circle filled with black color. Then draw another circle around it.
  • Draw a half curve downward direction (circle) and a straight line.
draw curve
  • Draw another curve in an upward direction at the end of step no 3.

Draw a small rectangle-like shape at the ending. Two parallel lines with branches for feet.

draw triangle and rectangle

Drawing tutorial to draw Fish 

  • First, draw an oval shape horizontal. After then make the round edges of the oval shape sharp.
oval shape
  • Draw small a big curve-shaped line and small curves following the same pattern.
draw curve inside
  • Draw a small circle filled with black color and draw another circle around it.
  • Draw small rectangles on an upper curve and lower curve of the oval.
  • Draw a triangle at the right corner of the sharp oval for the tail.

Tips and Tricks to learn to drawing

1. Drawing is a Skill: Drawing is not some enchanted that some people are born with the ability to do. Something that is learned can be taught is called skill. everyone can learn drawing skills by practicing and learning as a professional. so try things to draw easy never say  “I can’t draw.”

2. Drawing is at least 50% Observation: it is all about seeing. Some people think that they can easy to draw animals well without looking at an object but their face drawing or simple drawing is not representational. A person must observe objects in order to things to draw or stuff to draw.


3. Use Resources: Collect all the photos from all resources you have then draw while observing them.

4. Look For Basic Shapes: Everything in this world can be simplified into basic shapes. Try to practice the basic shapes then you can draw any image perfectly. Shapes make your outlines also increase the speed to draw.

5. Use a Full Range of Value: Value is about light. Value is the lightness or darkness of a color. things can’t be seen without light so select a scale having all values on your value scale. 

7. Stay Consistent with Your Style:  During all the processes keep your style the same at the beginning and ending. It shows that the same person drew all the drawings.

6. Use Line Quality: Line quality is very important it is all about the thinness or thickness of a line. Try to draw lines thinner or thicker in some areas. This leads to a neat and clean drawing.

8. Know Your Medium: It’s good to experiment but understanding and knowing your limitations with a medium goes a long way. So make sure that you are using the correct medium for your real drawing.

9. Practice, Practice, Practice, and then – Practice Some More: The best skill to achieve a skill is the practice of practice that takes you towards perfection. Whenever you are feeling you cant what to draw so observe and imagine how to draw.

Easy drawing is one of your and your students’ most important activities. Draw a box is also a direct link to read, write, and mathematical activities – not only providing a basis for other creative activities like painting, sculpture, easy coloring, and prints

How do you draw for beginners?

First of all, it’s a skill it takes time. Observe all the imagination as you imagine fast you can draw fast. Confidence is the gesture to draw images on a page.

Can I teach myself to draw?

As an observational game drawing is as much a mental game. You just need a basic skill level to make a mark and hold a pencil.

How to draw pencil sketches?

For pencil sketching, you should practice circling, creat highlights, blending, smoothing, and shading. 

How to draw for my imagination?

Drawing is not an easy skill it’s all about styles and concepts. Sometimes there is the same reality but drawn in many ways.

drawing tutorialeasy to darwheart drawing