Proper guide about How to calculate an average.

by Katie J. Ray

The AVERAGE function can be used to measure central tendency, which is a bunch of numbers arranged in a statistical distribution and often the term that defines the location of their center.

In a list or set average is calculated central value. Which represents the overall rate of change. Mainly there are three types of average called mean, median, and mode. The results of these three averages are slightly different from each other. However, the expression “average” is used for most mathematical applications to search for the mean calculable with basic input and division. In order to calculate a weighted average of all terms, then divide them by the number of terms you have added. The mid-value(median) is the result. In other words, we can say the average is the growth rate.

Importance of calculating an Average

If you’re taking a psychology class, one of the things you may be wondering is why your instructor is having you learn about statistical concepts such as the average (mean, median, mode, and range). How to do average calculations? Data from each individual student is often collected using an app on their phone that does its best to track when they wake up and go to bed. This data is what we usually first share with you, however there are a few other helpful numbers to consider, such as the range of data (the time students reported having slept the least amount one night compared to another), but one of the most helpful numbers is the average amounts of sleep that they record over the course of the month.

Purpose of calculating Average 

While finding the weighted average first thing that comes to our mind is what is the purpose/need to calculate an average? The most simple answer is  “an average gives us an idea about data or set how they are performing as a whole” here data or set represents the number of people, result card, or working team, or a math problem. Other calculators are available on google to avoid long calculations.

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How to find Average of something?

What does calculating average or mean? You are technically divided by the number (or amount) in that set the sum of the values with which you work. In real-world terms, however, the value of the whole set is distributed evenly among all its numbers, and then step back to see what value the numbers all ended. Few examples are given for your understanding so let’s jump to the solution of the problem to make an average calculation.

formula to calculate an average

Examples to Calculate Average

Problem#1: Calculate the Average Wages earned by labor in the last 4 weeks. Wages are given below.



Given data 

  • Wages are given
  • No. of Labour are given

How to get average? Use the given formula to get the right value,

Sum of all the wages = 700+200+100+435+450

                                   = 1885

Sum of all no. labours = 5

 Average wages  = 314.166

Problem #2: Calculate the average of a student who has good scored marks in 8 grade. All details of marks are given below.

MathsEnglish ScienceSocial studies


No. of subjects = 4

Total marks = 75+65+90+50


No. of subjects = 4

average calculation

Average marks = 70

What is the advantage of an average?

Average is very easy to calculate even the average of small data or set can be calculated in your head or piece of paper. It is the best and well-known function of a computer program in excel.

What is the disadvantage of an average?

It is sensitive to extreme values. For that type of value, we prefer median.

What is the best way to calculate the average?

Arithmetic mean is the best way of average calculation. Median is also the best one because it is the central amount of group data.

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