How To Make Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

by Katie J. Ray
Hard boiled egg

In many salads like the Niçoise salad (for recipe you can search on YouTube), a hard boiled egg is an important element. Also as a mimosa egg can be made. But we often wonder how long to boil eggs to succeed. The egg white will not sufficiently thicken if it isn’t cooked. Egg yolk, overcooked, gives an unpleasant taste of sulfur. Now you can learn to cook in water, the microwave, and the oven your boiled eggs! Before cooking eggs, please allow your extra fresh eggs to rest at room temperature to avoid thermal shock.

How to Hard boil eggs

Instant pot boiled eggs :

Start by taking your eggs out of the refrigerator. Let them sit at room temperature for at least 10 minutes. Put in a large pot of water and a pinch of salt to fully submerge the eggs. Bring your boiled eggs time to a boil to cook them in a double boiler. Dip into boiling water. Immerse the eggs 10 minutes of cooking. After cooking is done, take the eggs off the pot and plunge into cold water. You just have to skin the eggs. Roll it onto your countertop so that the shell can be removed. To remove any remaining shell fragments, rinse shelled eggs under cold water.

hard boiled eggs in pot

Cooking perfect hard-boiled eggs in the microwave :

A microwave is one of the easy solutions to boil the boiled egg. Fill in a bowl with sufficient water to completely immerse them while cooking, depending on the size of your eggs. Place the water bowl in a microwave and heat at 1000 watts for 2 minutes. Then dive in the water with the eggs. Continue to cook for 8 minutes with a microwave reduction of up to 700 watts. Then bath the cooked eggs and stop the cooking in a bowl of ice water. Roll it over the surface of your work to make peeling easier. You can have good homemade mayonnaise with your perfect hard-boiled eggs, or you can use them for a lovely salad.

hard boiled eggs salad

Baking eggs in the oven :

In the oven, you can also easily cook your cooked eggs, contrary to all expectations. How to boil eggs? You can peel even easier. Preheat the furnace to 160 ° C for the first time. Take a muffin tin dish meanwhile. In every well of the mold, place an egg. Place eggs preferably in the center of the baking pan if you don’t use all the slots. 30 minutes of baking. Bake. During the cooking process, small spots can appear in the shell and disappear after water is rinsed. Take the eggs out of the stove to stop cooking in an ice water bowl. Don’t sell them to make it easier to store your eggs if you prepare them in advance.

How long to boil eggs

Both the yolk and egg white have different temperatures to cook, so different times are given below with results.

2 minutes later: Yolk is totally raw and white isn’t fully set.

4 minutes later: Yolk is thick and runny but egg white is fully set.

6 minutes later: Yolk is mostly set but still is runny in the middle but egg white is set.

8 minutes later: Yolk is set but tender white is fully set.

10 minutes later: Yolk is fully set egg white is also fully set.

6 minutes later: are the boiling boil egg. Keep in mind above cooking 6-minute it would be over hard egg.

Boiling Hard boiled egg VS Boiling Soft boiled egg

The boiled egg which has fully settled egg white and yolk is called a hard boil egg

hard boiled egg with creamy yolk

The egg which has settled egg white and tender/soft/runny/moist yolk is called soft-boiled egg time.

soft boil egg

Variables that effects boiling hard boil egg:

  • The introductory temperature of eggs: An egg having room temperature will cook faster as compared to the egg which is directly coming from the refrigerator to the cooking pot. so the boiling time depends on egg temperature.
  • Size of the egg: Small-sized egg will take a small egg boiling time to cook and a large egg will take extra time to cook perfectly.
  • Egg to water ratio: If you use excessive water relative to eggs, they will take more time. The logic behind this is boiling of water boil eggs. So use less or sufficient water to make the boiling hard boiled egg without escaping from the egg.
  • Room temperature: If you are living in cold regions then water will get cold quickly. So cook them almost 24 degrees.

Different times produce different results

Boiling for 3 minutes

Boiling for 4 minutes

Boiling for 6 minutes 

Boiling for 10 minutes

Boiling for 15 minutes

Pro Tip: After boiling the egg at a desirable time don’t forget to put eggs in ice-cold water to stop the cooking process otherwise after peeling eggs with tender yolk come out as a full hard-boiled egg.

 How to peel boiled eggs

The peeling process seems easy but sometimes it spoils the beauty of the egg. 2 weeks of aging egg peeled out easily but fresh eggs are difficult to handle. Results are shown when the fresh egg is boiled.

peeling of hard boiled eggs

Good News

 Don’t be sad, here is good news for those who are worried about boiling fresh eggs. just make a crack on the lower part of the egg before boiling eggs time, without cracking the membrane otherwise all the egg white is whipped out in the water.

peeling hack of hard boiled eggs

after making crack put the egg in cold water for boiling slowly after 10 minutes transfer them to ice water and they are ready to peel.

How much eggs are good for health?

Nutrients of hard boiled Egg

Hard-Boiled Egg Nutrition :

Hard-boiled eggs are packed with nutrients, ranging from the protein that builds muscles to the B-vitamins that increase metabolization. There is even a popular crash diet, but our dieticians are not recommended!

Fat :

One hard-boiled egg contains approximately five grams of fat, saturates less than two. 

Vitamin D :

One egg contains over 10 percent of your daily recommended Vitamin D intake, which is especially important to obtain during winter. 

Protein :

One hard-boiled egg packs six grams of protein, making for a perfect portable snack for the office or after a workout. 

Cholesterol :

Cholesterol has been the most notable reason people have “demonized” eggs over the years, as cholesterol is thought to clog arteries and negatively impact heart health. 

B Vitamins :

B vitamins are essential for keeping your metabolism in tip-top shape, and eggs are a great source of several. 

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