Hanukkah Emoji 🕎

Hanukkah Emoji

Hanukkah Emoji meanings:

Hanukkah emojis 🕎 represent the Jewish official holiday and this is shown by a Hanukkah emoji having nine lit candles. Hanukkah also speaks event as Chanukah and is celebrated in December according to the Jewish calendar.

On Hanukkah event Jews celebrates holiday for the triumph of light over darkness. They start celebrations on 25th of Kislev the third month of the Jewish calendar almost November or December. Celebrations lasts eight days until the forth month of Jewish calendar. On google the exact dates are 8 December to 26 December. But according to Jewish every year its dates changes.

In 2021 it starts from the evening of 28 November and lasts the 6 December. This emoji is also used 🕎 for Menorah with 9 lit candles. Back in 2015 it was approved under the Unicode and added to Emoji 1.0.

Hanukkah Emoji

Similar Emojis:

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Also Known As

🕎 Candelabrum

🕎 Candles

🕎 Chanukiah

🕎 Menorah

Apple Name

🕎 Menorah

Unicode Name

🕎 Menorah with Nine Branches

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