International Friendship Day And How Is It Celebrated?

by Tashia J. Hansen
international friendship day

When is friendship day? When is national friendship day? How to Celebrate Friendship Day? When is international friendship day? When is friendship day 2021? Well! This article clears all your queries about friendship day.


Friendship Day is a day to celebrate friendship in several countries. Initially promoted by the greeting card industry, there was a rebirth of interest from social networking sites in holidays which could have expanded with the Internet, especially in India, Bangladesh, and Malaysia. Mobile, InternetInternet and social media have helped make customers popular.

When is friendship day 2021?

In 1920 the founder of Hallmark cards, Joyce Hal, developed the notion of Friendship Day. A companion adds to our happiness, lowers our anguish, twice our happiness, and divides our sorrow. Every year on the first Sunday of August, we celebrate Friendship Day to recognize the bonds with friends. It will take place on August 4th this year.

History of friendship day?

national friendship day

Joyce Hall, the Hallmark card inventor in 1930, set to honor August 2, and the day when people recognized friendships through holiday celebrations, was the start of Friendship Day. Day of friendship was promoted by the National Association’s greeting card in the 1920s but faced with resistance by consumers – since it is all too clear to sell greeting cards. In the 1940s, it had decreased, and the quantity of Friendship Day cards in the USA had largely disappeared. No evidence is available to date its introduction in Europe, but in Asia, where various countries have accepted it, it has been maintained alive and revitalized.

Nane Annan, the wife of United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan, named Winnie the Pooh the World Appointment to the United Nations in recognition of Friendship Day in 1998. The event was co-sponsored and co-hosted by Kathy Lee Gifford from the United Nations Department of Public Information and Disney Enterprises.

Some friends acknowledge each other with exchanges of presents and cards on this day. Friendship bands are particularly popular in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and parts of South America. This day is also honored online with the introduction of social networking sites. The promotion of the Friendship’s Day festivities caused others to reject it as a “marketing joker.” But it is celebrated now not on 30 July, but on the first Sunday in August. On 27 July 2011, however, 30 July was named “international day of friendship” by the 65th United Nations General Assembly.

International day of Friendliness

The idea of a World Friendship Day was first observed on 20 July 1958 by Dr. Ramon Artemio Bracho during a dinner with friends in Puerto Pinasco, a hamlet. Out of this introductory meeting of friends, the World Friendship Crusade was created. The WFC is the basis that fosters friendship and community amongst every human being, irrespective of race, color, or religion. Since then, 30 July has been commemorated and approved by various other countries as a happy Friendship Day in Paraguay.

Furthermore, on 20 May, the UN General Assembly decided to designate 30 July as the International Day of Friendliness and invited all Member States to honor the International Day of Friendship according to the local, national friendship day and cultural traditions World Friendship Crusade.

Declaring an international Friendship Day 

But friends are not only vital on an interpersonal level. Friendship can also be essential on a global level. Cross-border friendships can contribute to peace and prevent war. Learn to think of people other than us, as our friends assist us in establishing together a peaceful culture. That is why, as its official International Day of Friendship, the United Nations has established 30 July.

The origins of the day 

The World Crusade of friendship first celebrated a celebration. This association was created by Dr. Ramón Artemio Bracho and his companions in Puerto Pinasco, Paraguay, in 1958. They intended to emphasize the power and importance of friendship in developing a culture of peace. So the same year, in Puerto Pinasco and other areas in Paraguay, they decided to celebrate Friendship Week. The week ended the following year and ended on 30 July, a day of friendship they declared. From there, friendly celebrations flourished and expanded throughout America, and the world, and the United Nations finally designated 2011 as International Friendship Day.

The importance of friendship day

This day means peaceful friendships, which ultimately contribute to developing human love and peace. We share our joys and sorrows with the friends that advise us and help us to navigate through the lows and highs of life. There is a particular day to pay tribute to these people who are a significant part of our life. The day takes place by exchanging bands, gifts, cards, and friends who celebrate the special friendship tie.

Valuable Points About Friendship

Importance of friends in life: It is also crucial for families to have friends. Therefore, it is called “Friends are our own family.”

  • There is no doubt that good friends or real friends provide us with emotional support.
  • A Friend stays with us in difficult times or difficult times, making us feel unique.
  • Friendship helps us understand and build our caring and sharing habits during childhood days.
  • Friends are also thought to be crucial to good growth and development. Together with friends, children learn and play.

We go through various physical, emotional, and mental changes during our teens. Sometimes we can’t share with parents our issues, but we share them with our friends. Isn’t that! Isn’t it! At this age, guidance is a real offer to have a good buddy who listens to you and offers you support.

Friends are not just crucial in adolescence or childhood. In old age, even friends are just as vital. Sometimes couples can feel lonely in the nuclear family concept so that if you have friends, life will be joyous and exciting. We might claim then that true friends make life stunning and joyful. The first Sunday of August is Friendship’s Day in India, and 2 August is the same. On this particular day, friends present gifts, friendship bands, cards, chocolates, flowers, etc.

“Those who go in when the rest of the world goes out are the real friend.” Walter Burgmann

How to celebrate this day during Covid?

when is friendship day 2021?

Why Hold Friendship?

The epidemic of Covid-19 was the last ‘buzzkill’ and was the key to big worldwide celebrations. Happy Friendship Day celebrations, too, could follow the same path and take on a significant impact this year, with the majority of the world’s population locked in. Social isolation and staying inside may be the norm of the day, but that doesn’t imply that you need to keep up your friendships. From the protection of your homes, you can always celebrate the day of friendship in quarantine and make your friends cherished. There are five different ways to perform the same thing.

Have A Virtual Party! :

While this day may not be able to shake hands with your pal or hug you, you can always provide virtual hugs to them by taking a video call. For WFH-related purposes, zoom calls could have been central, but you can always turn around and hold a virtual party with buddies.

Snacks can also be taken, dancing music played on the Gaana app, and beats groove. Although it may not feel like a party, you will undoubtedly encounter effervescent drinks and talks with people surrounding you. It’s also possible to communicate with friends through WhatsApp video calling, Skype, the recently released JioMeet, and the conventional Gmail software.

Virtual Games Night :

You may always have time in the galley with friends by playing games with them if having a party isn’t your cup of tea. Several enjoyable game apps allow you to challenge one other and your circle to compete in fun games.

You can play Ludo with Ludo King if you’re a Ludo aficionado. MPL (the Mobile Premier League) is another game that keeps you and your pals engaged with exciting awards and prizes for hours while playing. The classic ‘Houseparty’ app caused a lot of talk throughout the world during the lockdown. A social network application face-to-face, ‘Houseparty’ enables you to call your friends video and play fun quiz games with them.

Binge-Watch Shows Together :

It might not be the perfect idea to have friends and do not watch your favorite shows together, given the socially distant standards which have been established. However, owing to technology, even if you’re not physically among groups, you can now show binge-watches with groups. With Netflix Party, you can do just that by creating a Google Chrome browser extension, especially for friends to see movies together. With this, you and your friends can live the whole screening discussion and comment, giving a fun new way to see your favorite films together. This enables you to view your favorite movies together, without going to a theatre and staying home in safety.

Order Food For Them :

You can surprise your pals by ordering meals from eateries that allow them to take away and deliver home. Food delivery apps such as Zomato, Swiggy, and FoodPanda take all necessary efforts to ensure that you are safe and hygienic. You can place an order for pizza on Domino’s or Pizza Hut Delivery app if your pals enjoy pizza. Either Thai, Muglai, or Continental – you can order the above apps from your favorite cuisine and let them fill up their meal desires.

Best Friendship Day gift? You bet!

Websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal have resumed delivery in nearly all areas, so that gifts may now be ordered simply by entering their delivery address. With a sincere or hilarious gift, you can treat your special ones. Amazon, which has one of the largest category stocks, is one of the greatest sites to find anything from makeup to electronics, books, and home decoration. Your friends not only love to think about their gift but also showing them how much you care.

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World friendship day around the world in tabular form

ArgentinaJuly 20 
BoliviaJuly 23
BrazilJuly 20
Colombia2nd Saturday of march
EcuadorJuly 14
EstoniaFebruary 14
FinlandFebruary 14
IndiaAugust 1st Sunday
MalaysiaAugust 1st Sunday
MexicoJuly 14
NepalJuly 30
PakistanApril 16
SpainApril 18
South AfricaApril 16
United StatesAugust 1st Sunday
VenezuelaJuly 20
UruguayJuly 14
UkraineJune 9

How to observe world friendship day? How to celebrate?

how to celebrate friendship day?

On the day of friendship +, there are some methods to appreciate your friends. There are ten here to get you going.

1. Share your and your social media friend’s collage of photographs

Pick up a bunch of pictures of yourself, friends, and social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. This might be a wonderful method to remember and recall the numerous reasons that you admire your friend all of your time together. And by sharing images with the world (or, at least, your online social network!), you can convey that appreciation.

2. Send your friend flowers :

Send a note to your buddy who flowers allows them to know how thankful you are to them. You can purchase and deliver flowers by yourself or send flowers online, including 1800 Flowers or Pro Flowers.

3. Share a meal with your friend :

Take a supper for your pal to catch a lifetime. Take them to lunch or supper — may be in the place where you’ve always been in former times or at their favorite restaurant. You might meet worldwide and decide to treat them to a meal in the country where you have met each other. Regardless of the circumstance, make the dinner more exceptional than its traditional afternoon or evening.

4.  Joy with friends some champagne :

Pop champagne and shout for your friend’s celebration. You may want to order a round of drinks and give your crew a fast toast if you have a group of buddies who want to know how much they love and why.

5. Take your friend on a journey :

Take a tour with your pal to mark happy Friendship Day, should you have your time off in August. Even if you have just a Friendship Day weekend, spend somewhere with your friend or group of pals relaxing or exciting. Take a few days to enjoy a good time.

6. Give your friend a gift :

On this day, give a present to your friend! Perhaps it’s a little drink, a jewelry piece, chocolates, or concert tickets. It is the thought – the feeling that you are grateful for them. It does not matter what it is.

7. How appreciated you are to tell your friend :

You don’t have to go for a fantastic meal or take a trip or purchase a gift from your friend or spend money. You may – and should – say how much you value them to your friend. In three words, you may say this: I adore you! It’s just that simple.

8. Lend your friend a helping hand :

Show the help and support of your friendship to your buddy by providing them with a hand in something they require help on the Day of Friendship (or every day!).

9. Commence your friend’s tradition :

You may want to start one if you don’t already know your friend’s tradition on Friendship Day. You can begin to tradition that you will go to one home to break up a flask of wine and cook together. Or perhaps with a bunch of buddies, you got a potluck. It’s perhaps the first night that you’re all together to dance, no excuses.

10. Send your friend a card :

Naturally, always a basic card can be sent — don’t worry, we won’t push the gimmick! But it’s lovely to receive cards (and letters!).

Friendship day activities :

  • It is time to ponder the importance of friends in our lives on International Friendship Day. Try to learn and enjoy the positive impacts of friendship in these “friendly” classroom activities.
  • Prepare and gift tiny such as biscuits or chocolate tied in bright-ribbon bundles of cellophane.
  • Build a bond of friendship.
  • Make a personalised ‘friend’ book with photos, drawings, poetry or your friendship’s tale for a wonderful friend.
  • Read about friends and share them. Talk about things you can do or feel like they are.
  • Talk about how best to be a good friend. How can we have a happier, friendlier place at school/home? 
  • Create the poetry ‘A friend like you’ or compose a poem in the acrostic language ‘FRIENDS.’
  • Write down the meaning of a buddy for you. How are you helping one another? What are you doing? What are you doing? What’s special about a friendship?
  • Brainstorm in small groups to list what friends do with each other. Share, mix and create a display class list.
  • Make a book about classmates. Select an idea for the brainstorm group on each page and write it. Check out each one and bind to create a booklet for the class.
  • Write down a friend’s hints. Display. Allow kids to devise who they believe to be.
  • Read and talk, Max Lucardo’s you’re exceptional.
  • Design a poster of ‘Friendship’ with terms such as fun, love, faith, honesty etc.
  • Build a rainbow friendship. Trace the hands of the pupils—groups of paint in various colours of the rainbow. Cut out your hands and write names. Make a colourful rainbow friendship.

Traditions of the day :

This holiday has different traditions. There are not two (or more) best friends with the same traditions. The best pals like the shenanigans and only splendid adventure, enjoyable parties, and even indoor wildfires are shared. The best friends of France are relived in these rituals.

There are low-key shared rituals – go to the center or your favorite coffee together or watch movies with pals at home. And then you may celebrate with your best friends this day like dressing up and going out to paint the city in red or have a good supper. Presents like ‘Best Friends’ lockets and scrapbooks are also exchanged to strengthen friendship and remind everyone of the amazing bond that you share, no matter how long it takes.

Friendship day quotes and messages :

In Simple-words, friendship is your relationship with your selected family. Friends are our nuns and brothers, who are on our side through the ups and downs of our lives. It is fantastic to honor our friends for important events or to enhance their day. Whether you’re looking for the appropriate title or a nice word for a birthday present – friendly quotes are a terrific way to show your friends how much they mean to you.

How thankful you are for your friend can be hard to explain in words. A wonderful quote from a friendship between you and your friend or true friends, exploring all of the ways you support one other, is just what you need. We have collected more than 100 quotations from your friends to honor your best friend to help you find the ideal friendship to express your best buddy.

Inspirational Friendship Quotes :

It can make you grow to a better version of yourself – a wonderful friendship is irreplaceable. If you have a buddy that motivates you, return the favor with one of these motivating friendship quotes and be their leader in number one.

“Amity is the most difficult thing to convey in the world. You don’t learn anything in school. But you haven’t fully learned the significance of the friendship.” — Ali, Mohammed.

“Don’t create acquaintances with whom you can feel comfortable. Make acquaintances that force you to get up.” Thomas J. Watson. Thomson

“The greatest discovery that good friends make is that without growing apart, they may develop independently.” — Foley, Elisabeth.

“Every friend represents a world within us, perhaps a world that wasn’t born until they arrive, and only this encounter creates a whole new universe.” Nin

“Life is part of what we do and part of what our friends do.” — Tennessee Williams.

“They may forget what you have said, but the way they have been made to feel is never forgotten.” — Büchner, Carl W.

“Seek out a group that challenges and inspires you and spend a lot of time with them. Amy Pöhler Amy

“Look at other individuals for lovely eyes; only beautiful lips with words of friendliness.

“It is not possible to see or even touch the best and most beautiful item in the universe – it must be felt with the heart.” — Keller Helen.

“Being happy even in the darkest moments can be discovered if one simply remembers the light.” — Stupidity.

Gifts and cards ideas :

Following are the beautiful friendship gift and card ideas

friendship day gift ideas
friendship day card ideas
happy friendship day
friendship day gifts
  • What is the significance of the day of friendship?
  • Friendship Day, as friends, plays a vital part in our lives. People would feel lonely and lost without friends. Friends cheer and provide joy to our life. Therefore, to celebrate all the key friends in our lives, this special day is vital.

    What good friendship rules are there?

    5 Healthy Friendship Regulations
    1. There is support, confidence, and honesty. All need to have a support network, and our social support systems are rooted in friendships. …
    2. Listen to your friends. 
    3. Discussion on different matters. 
    4. Don’t speak behind the back of a friend.
    5. Respect the limits of your pals.

    What are the four different kinds of friendships?

    Friendship is classified into four different kinds: friend, acquaintance, close friend, and closest friend.

    How is friendship a golden rule?

    Generally speaking, the Golden Rule is meant to treat others as you wish. Many religions have the basic approach to interacting with other religions in this philosophy of life. The Bible says in particular, “Whatever you want other people to do with you, do it to them” (Luke 6:31). 

    Are buddies last forever?

    Is not forever. Forever is not. Best friends can endure forever, but you both moved on, with love in your memory. There are ways to release your former BFF with love when you feel like it’s time for a friendship. Get more information here on letting old friendships go.

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