🖼️ Framed Picture Emoji

Framed picture

Emoji Meaning

Framed Picture emoji is a picturesque artwork of luminous hills, vegetation, beautiful skies, and some of the sun’s clouds. A square wooden frame highlights this lovely painting/picture.

Two key parts of this object: the framework and the picture. The frame can show the importance, value, or even specialty of anything and the image can be a painting, a memory, a scenario, and so on.

NOTE: In 2014, Framed Picture 🖼️ emoji was accepted under the name “Frame with Picture” as part of Unicode 7.0. It was added to Emoji 1.0, in 2015.

Similar Emojis

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Also Known As

🖼️ Painting

🖼️ Framed Painting

🖼️ Picture

🖼️ Framed Artwork

🖼️ Picture Within a Wooden Frame

🖼️ Picture Frame

🖼️ Frame With Picture

Apple Name

🖼️ Frame with Picture

Unicode Name

🖼️ Frame with Picture


🖼 U+1F5BC



:framed_picture: (Github)

:frame_with_picture: (Slack)

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