📽️ Film Projector Emoji

Film Projector Emoji

Emoji Meaning

Film Projector Emoji📽️ It’s a solid box-like structure that caves in to accommodate the lens, with a vent and a white button underneath it. Film frames object or reels are processed on the other side by two spools. Emoticon of a film projector. However, it can also be used as an allusion to the personal projectors that we use today and the cinema theatres where films were once shown.


On January 1, 2014, Unicode 7.0 was adopted, and the Film Projector Emoji 1.0 appeared.

Other Names :

📽️ Movie Projector

📽️ Projector

📽️ Projection

📽️ Movie Theatre

📽️ Overhead Projector

📽️ Slide Projector


  • 📽 U+1F4FD
  • ️ U+FE0F


  • :film_projector: (Github, Slack)
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