🤕 Face with Head-Bandage Emoji

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Emoji Meaning 

Emojis were invented as a way to express feelings symbolically. The Face with Head-Bandage emoji is a yellow face smiley with a half-smile and a white bandage wrapped around its head, partially portrayed covering one eye. The headache emoji represents physical injury or pain but sometimes it depicts a sense of being hurt. The mouth is a downwardly half-curved line, implying a sense of sadness, numbness, or hopelessness. 

NOTE: In 2015, Emoji 1.0 added this and suggested this emoji to Unicode 8.0 in 2015.

Face with Head-Bandage Emoji

Similar Emojis

There are some other emojis that are similar to 🤕 Face with Head-Bandage 🤒 Face with Thermometer, 😷 Face with Medical Mask emoji and 🤢 Nauseated Face emoji. Every emoji among many others passes on a unique message.

Also Known As

🤕 Bandaged Head

🤕 Clumsy

🤕 Injured

Apple Name

🤕 Face with Head-Bandage


🤕 U+1F915


:face_with_head_bandage: (Github, Slack)

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