🫤 Face with Diagonal Mouth Emoji

Face with Diagonal Mouth Emoji

Face with Diagonal Mouth Emoji Meaning: 

The Face with Diagonal Mouth Emoji depicts two round eyes and a mouth in a slanted position to show disappointment. People generally can use this emoji while talking about any confusion or confusing situation. You can also use this smiley with the combination of neutral face emoji or the face with rolling eyes emoji. 

NOTE: In 2021, the Face with Diagonal Mouth emoji was endorsed as part of Unicode 14.0 and in the same year labeled as Emoji 14.0.

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face with diagonal mouth emoji

Similar Emojis:

There are some emojis that are similar to 🫤 Face with Diagonal Mouth emojis are 😶 Face Without Mouth, 😑 Expressionless Face, 🤨 Face with Raised Eyebrow, 😐 Neutral Face, 😮 Face with Open Mouth, 🥴 Woozy Face, 🤑 Money-Mouth Face, 🤬 Face with Symbols on Mouth, 😃 Grinning Face with Big Eyes and 🤔 Thinking Face.

Also Known As

  • 🫤 Face With Crooked Mouth
  • 🫤 Unsure Face
  • 🫤 Uncertain
  • 🫤 Expressionless Face
  • 🫤 Skeptical Face/Skepticism
  • 🫤 Meh Face/Meh
  • 🫤 Indifferent Face/Indifference
  • 🫤 Disappointed Face/Disappointment
  • 🫤 Umm Face

iOS 15.4

Android 12L

Twemoji 14.0



🫤 U+1FAE4

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