🥹 Face Holding Back Tears Emoji

Face Holding Back Tears Emoji

Face Holding Back Tears Emoji Meaning:

A yellow face smiley depicts a pair of teary eyes with converging eyebrows that signify deep emotions. The eyes and some expressions of this emoji are just like the pleading face emoji. This face holding back tears emoji 🥹 is generally used to show general feelings of pain or sadness or anything that softens the heart a little.

NOTE: This emoji is endorsed in September 2021 under Unicode 14.0. It will be available on all main devices and platforms in the latter half of 2021 and through 2022. 

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emoji face holding back tears

Similar Emojis:

There are some emojis that are similar to 🥹 emoji holding back tears are 🥺 pleading face, 😂 face with tears of joy, 🤣 rolling on the floor laughing, 😭 loudly crying face, 😢 crying face, 😥 sad but relieved face, 😔 pensive face, 😞 disappointed face, 💧 droplet, 💦 sweat droplets, and 🙍 person frowning.

Also Known As

  • 🥹 Teary-Eyed Face
  • 🥹 Face With Teary Eyes
  • 🥹 About-to-Breakdown Face
  • 🥹 Choking Face (with overwhelming emotion)
  • 🥹 Proud Face
  • 🥹 Tearing Up
  • 🥹 Sad Face
  • 🥹 Angry Face
  • 🥹 Emotional Face


iOS 15.4


Android 12L



Twemoji 14.0




🥹 U+1F979

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